Armed Robbers Hit Tusa Field Community in New Georgia

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As the government- imposed curfew continues in order to help  containing the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, several homes in the Tusa Field community in Gardnersville were on Friday morning hit by armed robbers, leaving many badly affected.

Speaking to newsmen last Friday, Ms. Antoinette King said the robbers took away several items, including cell phones, video discs, LD$3,000 and 75 United States dollars from her room.

According to Mrs. King, the robbers attacked their community on Friday morning at two a.m. breaking the front door where the children were watching a movie and requested them to bring all the money.

“We have several other phones belonging to our neighbors that were on charge and they were all taken away. They entered my room and took away some of my shoes and clothes.

She explained that, the robbers were moving with cultlasses, knives and a gun and they carried on serious shooting before leaving the yard, Mrs. King said.

“We have the deadly disease killing people all around and now the armed robbers also chasing us, because the police are not visiting some of the communities  distant from the main roads. We need to focus only on the State of Emergency security for now, and not curfew.”

Other heads of households explained that the robbers also took away valuable items, including money, shoes and clothes.   

Mrs. King further attributed the constant attacked by armed robbers and other criminals in the community to the imposed curfew by the government, adding that, “We had our boys going around the community at night and helping us.  But because of the curfew, they are unable to do so, for fear of being arrested by the police.”

She appealed to National Government to help work with community’s watch team in reducing the high rate of robberies and other crimes in the country, describing the curfew as a serious threat to their safety.

Meanwhile, four armed robbers also abused another victim in the same community on last Wednesday after several attempts to resist them did not materialize.

The victim, Eddith Daniels however failed to speak to newsmen and came down with tears, saying, I don’t have any thing to say now.”


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