After 10-Years of Commercial Motorcycling in Liberia


An uncertain future awaits those of us whohave become used to the quick convenience provided by the "pehn-pehn" (as commercial motorcycles are locally called) services.

Commercial motorcycling has over the past 10 years brought relief to most of Monrovia's 1.2 million residents in a number of ways: it has helped reduce the incidence of crime in this major city andits environs. It gives would-be delinquents a productive outlet for energy that otherwise would be wasted in unlawful activities such as armed robbery, burglary or auto theft. 

It could be argued that commercial motorcyclists have also assisted the business sector of the nation by provideing courier services; GSM communications companies hire a number of cyclists.

Politicians have also used motorcyclists for advertisement purposes. 

Also, many commercial motorcyclists have over the past few years made considerable personal progress that is obviously good for the country. 

However, there have been numerous complaints from the public about motorcycle operators' recklessness and rudeness in the traffic. There have also been reports of occupants on bikes snatching ladies' handbags and mobile phones. 

It is commendable, however, that the leadership of the motorcyclists union moved swiftly to caution members to remain calm, peaceful and professional in their interactions as they (leadership) are working with the Liberian government to ease the restriction.



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