5-Yr Human Rights Action Plan Launched



A five-year action plan that would explain government’s position on human rights policies, while detailing its intention toward promoting, expanding, and protecting the rights of all citizens and residents has been launched.

Under the banner of the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP), those involved seek to address civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights, with a specific focus on the issues of women, children, and persons with disabilities.

The campaign launched on Tuesday, December 11, under the theme: “Working for Your Rights,” and was held at the Multi Purpose building in New Kru Town.

It was jointly organized by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR).

In her launching remarks, Cllr. Wheatonia Y. Dixon-Barnes, Deputy Minister for Administration and Public Safety at MOJ, added that the plan outlines specific points of action that would be taken to improve the protection of individual rights, especially the rights of vulnerable or marginalized groups.

She disclosed that civil society organizations from the private sector were all involved in the process of developing the NHRAP.

According to her, not a single institution that can deals with human rights issue by itself, instead it will need to ensure the participation and cooperation of multiple actors.

The Deputy Justice Minister explained that NHRAP is a policy document created to help realize the advancement of human rights in Liberia.

Tamrat Samuel, the UNMIL Deputy Special Representative and Secretary-General for Rule of Law, admitted that government was making tremendous efforts to support human rights in the country.

“The promotion and protection of human rights has been a major focus of the United Nations since its establishment in 1945,” Mr. Samuel disclosed.

He however called on every Liberian to respect the new (NHRAP) campaign, which, he said is intended to strengthen the human right case in the country.

In her statement, Justice Gladys Johnson, the INCHR acting chair called on government, civil society stakeholders, and the international community, to monitor and assess the respect of human rights in Liberia.

She said the plan is Liberia’s first-ever national Human Rights Action Plan.

“Therefore both public and private institutions, NGOs, and civil society shall have maximum publicity in the implementation of the action plan NHRAP.”

NHRAP is a government-owned initiative with support from the European commission, and is developed in response to the 1993 Vienna Declaration and program of action. 


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