2 Stores Hit in New Year’s Day Duala Burglary


Suspected criminals struck the densely-populated community of Duala—on Bushrod Island in Monrovia—on the morning of January 1, the first day of the long-awaited New Year. As might have been expected, one of the victims who would end up one of New Year’s Day earliest victims had gone to attend a Watch-Night service at what could have been a nearby church.

According to ‘eyes-witnesses’ in the area, the suspected criminals whose identities were unknown made away with valuables items from the two stores—one, a pharmacy; the other, a ladies’ hand-bag boutique.

The owner of the pharmacy—said to have suffered the bigger loss—told the Daily Observer that 48,000 Liberian dollars and eighty United States dollars. Others items belonging to scratch-cards dealers, also were taken away.

“I came from Watch-Night early this morning and decided to get some rest,” she began.  Approaching my drug-store, I heard noise from around the area. Then I began to see people. They said: “criminals attacked your drug-store and left.”

According to the owner of the pharmacy, she usually kept the goods of some of the business-people in the area; they usually pick up the goods in the morning hours, around business time.   

She named laptops computers and scratch-cards worth over 28,000 Liberian dollars. She reported that 15,000 dollars belonging to a dealer in the area was also taken during the heist (theft, robbery) by the suspected criminals.

The owner of the other affected-store is yet to be contacted by the Daily Observer; but ‘eye-witnesses’ said some items from her ladies’ hand-bag store were also pilfered (stolen, made away with).

Continuing their interview with the Observer, our ‘eye-witnesses’  said that while investigating at the scene of the reported crime, the Liberia National Police, did not enter the burglarized hand-bag store.

Just the same, they (LNP) promised a speedily investigation in hopes of bringing the perpetrators (those that did the act, those behind the act) to book.    

The owner of the pharmacy described the situation as a total setback to her business; she was “not very hopeful that the items and money lost would be recovered,” she concluded.


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