Security Breach Alarms Legislature


Lawmakers have expressed serious disappointment in the nation’s security system after it took the security 72 hours to detect and respond to the appearance of an unknown ship which recently docked without a crew in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County.

In Tuesday’s session of the House of Representatives, lawmakers argued that with the departure of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) next month, such a major security breach is not only worrisome but alarming in the wake of terrorist attacks in the West Africa sub-region.

“Burkina Faso and La Cote d’Ivoire were the latest victims of organized global terror. We, as a nation and a people, need to be more vigilant and alert than ever before. We therefore, cannot afford to let down our guard,” said Rep. Gabriel Nyenka of Montserrado County District # 11.

The House of Representatives has mandated three committees to conduct investigations into the mysterious appearance of the unknown vessel which is still docked at Robertsport, as well as the failure of the country’s security to respond to the sighting immediately and with urgency.

The committees are National Defense, Security and Maritime.

The Plenary, the highest decision making body of the House of Representatives, has also mandated the joint committee to submit a comprehensive report on or before Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

Gbarpolu County District # 1 Representative, Alfred Koiwood, is the Chairman of the National Security Committee, which is the lead committee.

The House took the decision based on a letter from Rep. Gabriel Nyenka on Tuesday, asking plenary to investigate the status of the reported unidentified ship which entered Liberia’s territorial waters.

“Interestingly, Honorable Colleagues, it took 72 hours or thereabouts of speculations to attract any of our security agencies to respond to such a looming national security threat. What’s happening to our entire national security architecture?” Rep. Nyenka wrote.

After hours of debate on the issue raised by Hon. Nyenka, Nimba County District # 5 Representative, Samuel Korgar, made a motion, calling for probing the unknown ship by the three committees. The motion was unanimously endorsed by members of the plenary.


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  1. The lawmakers of Liberia are shocked because a ship of unknown origin with no passengers and possibly no cargo, docked at a quay in Cape Mount county. It took 72 hours or three days before the stealth ship was noticed. Well, the Liberian lawmakers shouldn’t be surprised. Rather, the Liberian lawmakers should really, really be ashamed of themselves. The lawmakers’ scramble for answers is a public charade. It shows!

    The shameful Liberian lawmakers have a salary budget of approximately twenty million US dollars. The lawmakers’ compound was refurbished a few years ago to a tone of over (US) $11,000,000 by a Chinese firm. On the other hand, the Liberian military budget (which includes salary, equipment and all military hardware) is approximately (US) $11,000,000. By comparison in terms of numbers, there are 103 members in both Houses of the Liberian legislature. On the flip side, there are approximately 2-2,200 men and women in the country’s armed service, a country of almost 5 million inhabitants. So there you have it. If 103 men and women earn that much money (exclusive of perks) it really makes no sense for the lawmakers of Liberia to act as false pretenders! This is something that should have been accounted for in earlier budgets. The stealth ship’s undetected entry in Liberian waters is a humiliating embarrassment. The lawmakers ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    I am not a polemicist, neither a hater of the Liberian lawmakers! The truth must be told. The humongous salaries of the lawmakers should be cut. By cutting their incomes, money will be saved. If money is saved, a patrol boat will be purchased. “If” a patrol boat is purchased, a few men and women of the armed service will be trained to interdict ships of unknown origin.

    As always, peace.

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