SD Cooper Road Block ‘B’ Leadership Promises to Make Community A ‘Paradise’

Newly inaugurated leaders of White Sand Community, Block B, SD Cooper Road

— New leadership takes helm for next four years

Mr. Frederick B. Krah, the Director of Debt Management Unit at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and seven others were on Sunday inaugurated to steer the affairs of the White Sand Community, Block B, SD Cooper Road, for four years from August 30 2020 to August 30, 2024, with promise to make the community a ‘paradise’ if they received the needed supports. The elections were held in June 2020.

In his inaugural speech as the block leader, Mr. Krah said since their elections, they have already embarked on their mission with the drafting of a constitution, which was adopted by the community and legally notarized, and are currently awaiting registration documents with the Liberia Business Registry as a full fledged Community Based Organization (CBO).

Mr. Krah told residents of the White Sand Community, Block B, SD Cooper Road that, as a CBO, his leadership will open bank accounts (LRD and USD).

He outlined that prior to their inauguration, a two-day successful clean-up campaign was staged, which included the cleaning of drainages. A peace-building football tournament, titled, ‘Who owns SD Cooper Road’, was hosted but was won by  Block ‘A’.

“We also initiated the marking of structures and conducted a survey in the block. 72% of the community responded to the survey, which is an absolute fantastic sample size for a community based survey. Predicated upon the initial feedback from the survey, with the approval and support of the community dwellers, our leadership have decided and wish to notify our block that we anticipate to work on the following concerns: Set up, empower and operationalize a full fledged Village Savings Scheme in the Block B; establish and organize a functional waste collection and disposal system in the community; organize and facilitate regular clean-up and drainage clean-up annually; organize and support recreational and sports activities for young people and elders wellness; establish a peer education on sexual reproductive health and rights including right base family planning  on  adolescents (boys and girls); awareness and trainings on SEA, RAPE, DRUGS ABUSE, etc.; and also stage an annual spelling Bee and preparatory classes for college entrances etc.”

Mr. Krah furthered that the leadership believes that, with support from the community, the community can become a paradise.

“It is undeniable that this is our home, this is where we are living, where we come to every evening, where we raise our children, where we invite our friends and families and, lastly, where we intend grow old. For this reason, let us make it a paradise, let us work together for a common good and lift ourselves. It is only us that can do this and let us do it together.”

The White Sand Community, Block B, SD Cooper Road Ieader extended his thanks and appreciation to all those who have accepted to serve on steering and standing committees and others who have declined because of their busy schedules but expressed willingness to work with the community whenever they are available and called upon.

“Lastly, I extend my thanks to my darling wife, Mrs. Wheamar Dordy Banney-Krah and my kids for the moral support and understanding,” Krah said.

Those who were elected and inaugurated include Mrs. Diana T. Sarteh, Assistant Block Leader;  Mr. Ralph Jahny, Secretary; Mr. Osaje Kayee, Assistant Secretary; Mrs. Caroline Dolo, Treasurer; Mrs.Sianie Kolubah, Financial Secretary; Mrs. Angeline M.Lougon, Women’s  Leader and Mr. Othello N. Denelson, Youth Leader.

Mr. Krah, leader of the White Sand Community, Block B, SD Cooper Road, is a graduating Student at the Louis Arthur Grimes School Of Law, University Of Liberia. He earned a Master of Business Administration in Accounting in 2009 and Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University College(cum laude) 2007.


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