‘Scrap President Robbed Entity’s Bank Accounts’

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Drama unfolded yesterday at the Civil Law Court when a defence lawyer declared that Aylmer Johnson, president of the Liberia Scrap Association (LSA), with the help of a court staff, allegedly withdrew over US$7,000 from the association’s accounts at the Liberia Bank for
Development and Investment (LBDI) without any authorization.

Cllr. Theophilius Gould’s statement came when JudgeYussif Kaba was hearing a complaint filed by Johnson’s legal team asking the court to compel former leaders of the association to turn over to him bank accounts and other financial documents belonging to the organization.

Initially, the Supreme Court had mandated the association’s former leaders to turn over the entity’s assets, excluding bank accounts, to the Civil Law Court, which they did.

That mandate was due to the Supreme Court’s endorsement of the Civil Law Court compelling the former leaders to turn over the items.

Johnson’s lawyer included the bank accounts and financial documents, contrary to the Supreme Court’s instruction to the former leaders.

Cllr. Gould had earlier argued that his clients did not know the whereabouts of the entity’s bank accounts during his response to a question posed to him by Judge Kaba.

Judge Kaba had asked Cllr. Gould whether or not the former leaders were still in possession of the institution’s assets as mandated by the Supreme Court.

It was at that time that Cllr. Gould was heard asking, “Where did he want us to get the bank account from when he has stolen all of the money from the association’s accounts at LBDI?

“Police had completed the investigation of Johnson’s criminal act and we are only waiting for the findings to bring criminal charges against him,” the defence lawyer claimed.

“How could he rob the institution of its funds and want to use the court to compel my clients to produce the stolen money?” Cllr. Gould wondered.

After listening to the parties’ arguments, Judge Kaba reserved ruling for today, Friday, September 23.


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