Scott Lowe Appointed ArcelorMittal’s New Liberia CEO

Scott Lowe, CEO, ArcelorMittal Liberia

Mr. Scott Lowe has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML), a statement from the company has announced.

Lowe has extensive experience in mining, working in senior management positions at BHP Billiton and as CEO in several publicly listed exploration and development companies.  In 2015, Lowe took over the Australia-based Intrepid Mines for the second time as CEO, on the confidence of the board of that company due to his “extensive experience in international mining operations and… long history of managing the Company’s Zambian assets.”

Lowe holds an MBA along with tertiary qualifications in mining engineering and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The new CEO, will now lead ArcelorMittal Liberia’s iron ore concession spanning Nimba County, Bong County and Grand Bassa County.

The previous leadership of AML was been embattled with mine workers over issues of benefits and bad labor practices that shut down the mine for several days at a time.

Lowe said he looks forward to working “with everyone at ArcelorMittal Liberia to build on a solid foundation and create a successful business we can all be proud of.” He has expressed a desire to engage with external stakeholders and establish a close and constructive relationship with the Government of Liberia (GoL), the AML release said.

Gustavo (Gus) Gomes, ArcelorMittal’s Vice President, Chief Operating Officer welcomed Scott to the position and also commended Sebastiao Costa Filho, who has been acting as CEO for the last 6 months for his excellent contribution.



    Another Foreign Monopoly Capital FOOT SOLDIER send in to supervised the looting of our natural
    resources and wealth. It looks as if we are just there to keep the wealth for others around the world. When the time is right, they descend and collect the loots, fill their bags and soar. VULTURE CAPITALISM, it is called, that is the “sworn enemy” for Sub Saharan Africa and other developing nations including Latin America, and certain part of Asia.

    They can even bring WAR on you if you resist their options. They work in Collaboration with foreign media to label and stigmatize anyone who dare look the other way.
    It will take a concerted effort by us to move forward. However; since a segment of our people cannot understand this logic, it is our ardent responsibility for we the minority to educate and explain to the rest of our people. It is a daunting task to carry on such a noble undertaking…..whilst it involve death, war carnage and ills in society. One will have no friend, relatives will turn against you, your own people will cast you as dangerous, and chaotic….. no nation will ever be a NATION if it cannot control its destiny, and its own economy might. Our policy makers and government officials dare talk about this. They are in the pockets of looters of their resources.

    What we (Liberian), achieved from: Bong mines, Lamco, Bomi Mines, etc? The legacies: depleted railways, unpaved roads, mingle steel buildings, open pit-deserted yards, etc.

    From Australia: With the highest form of Patriotism ever.

    • That’s why we would all have to work together as patriotic Liberians to put in place a better investment climate with rules, regulations and laws to govern our resources. Capitalism, in itself is not bad if it is governed with laws. Look at Botswana…a resource rich country…….they made sure concessionaires abide by their laws, and today they are benefiting from their diamonds. The government of Liberia does not have the financial resources or human capital to invest in or maintain our mines, hence we need these investors.

  2. Wow, Mr. Chris Luke with all the bigoted and biased bellowing, who would’ve thought you had realistic gems such as this unseen and undisturbed somewhere! Please, mine them often and pretty soon you will be spearheading our collective aspiration for mutual understanding, reconciliation, and peace. Let’s continue summoning the better angels of our nature vis-a-vis Liberia’s hot button conversations, folks.

    • Sylvester Gbayahforh Moses, I am very surprised you would refer to me with such words, but then again, those are your views, and I cannot change it. But just to let you know, I am a reasonable and rationale person who would speak the truth when I see it. I say what’s on my mind and that’s it. I hold or have no malice against anyone in Liberia….from the common man to our leaders. But if something is wrong, I say it and when it is right, I say it.

      Prophet Moses, capitalism is not bad if it is practiced for the benefit of all, though as slim as that is, I still believe in capitalism. I live in a resource rich country – Canada. They have the human capacity and financial resources to mine their mines, forest, oil fields and vast water bodies. But they still encourage domestic and foreign investors to invest in those mentioned above. And as someone who works in government encouraging potential investors to invest in the energy and mines sectors, I know first hand the importance of those sectors, and what potential and good investors can do to create wealth through economic development for all stakeholders, but most especially the citizens. But that can only happen when you have the rules of laws in place to safeguard those investments and economic development opportunities.

      We all know that the government of Liberia cannot even afford to put food on the table for Liberians, let alone invest in the country’s human capital. How in the world would they have the money to invest in the country’s resources? A lot of Liberians think just because those natural resources are available, that means the GOL or country is rich. Well, if the GOL cannot put a shovel in the ground to get the iron ore or what have you out, we would be a poor nation as we already are.

      To maintain a mine is no joke, and in this modern era where a lot of governments are taking an off hand approach when it comes to nationalization of assets, thereby allowing the private sector to create jobs and wealth, it would be a bad idea for some citizens to think that the GOL would take control of the country’s resources and maintain the same kind of opportunities as an FDI would do. What our government can do is follow in the footsteps of countries like Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where investors are allowed to invest, but the above mentioned governments have rules in place to govern those investments for the benefits of all stakeholders.

      So Moses, if our president and inexperienced government is doing the right thing, I would say it, but so far, he and the GOL have not put in place any new policies that is directly benefiting the Liberian people. The $25 Million mop-up money cannot be accounted for, the price of rice is sky high and he just confessed on an International media – the BBC that there’s nothing he can do about it. I would talk about things like that.

      When he said he would build a new Military hospital and name it after himself, I would talk about that because the military do not need an exclusive hospital at this time when we have a shortage of clinics and medical professionals in the country – misplaced priority. When he said post-secondary education would be free, I was like that’s a policy I can support. But the question is, was the policy well thought through or just made to appease protesting students? Now we know it was an appeasement policy. Because up to now the GOL does not know how this policy would be funded. No stakeholders were consulted. Once again, I call that inexperience, and I would talk about it. The above does not mean I am biased and bigoted. I just say the truth, and if I am referred to as what you referred me to, then I take it with pride but people who knows me well knows that I am nowhere near what you referred me to. But those are your views of me, and I would never change it. LOL

  3. Mr. Luke, tell me please, why the some Western Countries are forcing Juan Guado down the troats of the people of Venezuela? In the words of Secretary of States, “Venezuela sits on the biggest oil reserve in the Western Hemisphere, we need to tap it”. They are fighting to usher in a rigime that will tilt to them (Western capitalism ). Under Maduro, it is not possible, because he is a Chavesta-Bolivarian (Hugo Chavez Socialism Ideology. Which is meant to support the masses and the people of Venezuela. Something that Vulture Capitalism vehemently kicks against.

    Time and time again we hear this cry for DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM, over cooperate and Western media as a reason for REGIME CHANGE. There lies an hidden cooperate grab. It was in Iran, in 1954 Mohammed Mossadegh was the scapegoat, in Congo in 1960, Patrice Lumumba, Chile 1973 Salvador Allende, most recently, Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi oil belt. Mamadu Bah just explained in his post.

    Tell the truth sir. I know you are a devoted CHRISTIAN. Jesus Christ was the first socialist.

    • Flomo, Socialism have not improved the life of, or created wealth in countries that it is practiced. I am aware of the many flaws of capitalism but I am sure me and most people prefers that over socialism.

      I am also aware that the West is the reason for a lot of conflicts in the developing world, but if our leaders are nationalistic and patriotic at the same time and just don’t think about lining their pockets, a Western company could invest in our country’s natural resources and we could still benefit from their investments if we put in an investment climate that is fair to the investors but also create wealth for our people

  4. Mr. President,

    Liberia needs you to invest in the human Capital….That is those who have Bachelor degrees to those graduating from high schools now..

    You don’t need to go to any country. All you and your administration needs now is to invest in this generation you leading..

    How do you do that ? By giving scholarships to Liberians to go further studies in Mining, Aurospace Engineering….Manufacturing…
    Leave that going to country for this and that…

    Invest Liberians now, don’t be other leaders who sent Liberians to India, Nigeria..These countries are developing countries they don’t even have 24 hours round the clock electricity..

    Please send Liberians to countries with Electricity.. pls..Mr. President

  5. Capitalism…ha ha ha you make me funny with my small mouth….Scary?

    If a government puts good policies in place to benefit the citizens the Western World has No power to do anything to that government…

    So, people stop being afraid or stop blaming other people for our leaders failures…

    Leaders of Liberia have not done anything policies wise to improve the lives of the 15 tribes of Liberia..So, how could one continues to blame others for Liberia leaders failures…..Stop! !

    How many Universities were built in Liberia from 1950 to 1980?? When the money was there to do that…

    Yet, here is Liberia those of slaves descent still want to use currency that Liberia cannot print or control to be used in the ountry. Just give it a thought…

  6. Mr.Luke, they don’t want socialism to work, that the reason they attack, and imposed trade and economic embargo on socialist states, so you cannot see the better side of it
    Example Cuba, China Libya etc . .
    Let’s look at each of these countries.

    Libya….most Sub-Saharan nations were going to Libya working and remitting cash back home. Were it done under capitalism Government, no. When Guadafffi took over the government of Libya, he drove all WESTERN OWNED OIL COMPANIES, that was the only crime he committed. Since 1968, Quaddaffi has been labeled the worst leader in the world. Only because he drove out Western interest. Under Qudaffi, Libyan were not washing dishes, parking cars, like some us do in Western countries.

    Cuba is a socialist state, but train most doctors then the entire entire Sub Saharan combine. Even though it is just about the size of Togo or Benin. When your Ebola crisis hit in 2014, how many sub Saharan African country sent doctor, do they even have doctor for their citizens? Cuba is under Western trade embargo and trade sanction since 1958, yet Cuba could sent 37,000 troops in 3 days in 1975 to back newly independent country of Angola. that was threthen by apartheid South Africa, Portugal and the US through the MPLA.

    Where is China today, when they said that they(the Chinese) , could not be part of the council seat in the UN. Nixon had no choice but to pay a visit to China in 1972, and invited the Chinese premiere ( Mao), to the UN. Because they saw China econiomy growing at an alarming rate. They have no choice, but to incorporate China.
    China is a communist nation with socialist Free Market.
    They make a mess of a socialist nation to fool you and I. So we cannot see nothing good of them. We are poor today, then we were back in the 50s, 60s,70s and even 80s…and becoming poorer by succeeding decades only because we don’t owned nothing in our own countries. Everything is owned by foreign capitalist. All of these countries name above and many others has embargo leveled on them, because investment was taken from foreign capitals. That’s is the main reason SANCTIONED, EMBARGO etc….do no be carried away by the word, “DEMOCRACY”.

  7. With the looming COOPERATE MEDIA strangled hold on world view and idea, it is very difficult to explain to average Liberian, in and out of Liberia, our perpetual state of poverty. As I mentioned in my post previously, we the minority have a daunting task of explaining to the majority the cause and effect.
    EDUCATION is important, but when an individual is been missed-educatated and missed-informed ,he/she remains poor.
    Let’s embrace science ,technology and mathematics, with that, we will not be miss-infirmed. The rest of the educational courses, can be minipulated to alter a Pearson’s individual thinking.
    Example NORTH KOREA. They have master the the science, therefore; they can FEND OFF any potential threat. Science and math cannot be minipulated. No Miss- informatiin in science.
    So, Flomo, do no get frustrated…. Some brothers are protecting their bread, so they dare acknowledged your point. We are the kind of human race that vehemently protect individual bread, instead national interest. Some had accused me in the past of being a Weah and CDC supporter. As time has gone by, some have come to realized I m no where near the CDC nor Weah. I do want good for LIBERIA, and Sub- Saharan Africa. Because we Black People are the most oppressed around the world.

    From: The Univ. Of Sydney

  8. Correction: All “missed” hyphenated words should be “mix” hyphenated. Descriptive Adjective..
    Sorry for the errir

  9. Mr. Luke, capitalism has not improve anyone’s life in Latin America, Asia or Sub- Saharan Africa. It has improved lives in America, Western Europe, here in Australia and other cooperates head quarters like Canada. Because there were the bosses reside.
    In capitalism, INNOVATION benefits the boss, where as in socialism, INNOVATION benefits the nation and its people. We are still gradually moving from AGRARIAN SOCIETY, therefore we need a free market economy with a socialist base that will help lift up everyone, like the one in China. The big steel,big oil, big mining, do not want that, because it will drastically take away their power, therefore; they will fight to death.

    I would agree with you if you have said SOCIALISM do not improve lives in Western Environment, because there were capitalism profits are taken. This the reason we are poorer than we were in the beginning, we have COMMODIFIED EDUCATION , only the guy with the big pocket can afford a better one. No group of people can rise above poverty without better education.

    Thank you sir.


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