School Reopening ‘a Mere Joke’


The executive director of a non-governmental organizational, Society and You, Mr. Richmond Yarkpah, has described the Government’s decision on the reopening of schools next month as a mere joke.

Mr. Yarpah, who is also manager of a local business center, Rise Business Incorporated, said the government’s decision was intended to provoke parents who do not have money right now to send their children to school.

Though everyone welcomed the decision for government to reopen schools, yet, they should also look at the economy of this nation, which has been ravaged by Ebola, said Yarpah.

“We know that our children have to go school but they should have let us know ahead of time; then we were going to prepare ourselves. Right now I can tell you for free, most parents do not have money to send their children to school,” he said.

According to him, if the government insists that all schools should open next month then  definitely they should inform us as to whether  Liberia is Ebola-free, because that was the reason why all educational institutions were closed down.

Said Mr. Yarkpah, “Nobody is thinking right now about opening schools because we are still battling Ebola.”

He maintained that the virus has caused a great setback in every sector of the economy and besides that, where will the parents get money from to register their children, he wondered.

Around this same time last year government, according to him, downsized thousand of Liberians from their jobs to avoid over crowdedness in workplaces, describing them as “non-essential staff.”  This was intended to combat the virus.

The Society and You boss further claimed that most parents do not have savings.  He is therefore appealing to government to allow an additional two months for the reopening of schools in the country.

 “We are appealing to government through the Ministry of Education to please extend the time frame for parents to look for money. Just imaging no business is going on,” Mr. Yarpah said.

However, he added that if government refused to consider the parents’ plight then government should provide subsidies for both private and public schools to enable proprietors to pay their teachers and do some renovations.


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