School Closure, Parents in Buchanan Demand Better Explanation from Gov’t.

Some of the protesting students .jpg

The parents of students who were involved in a peaceful demonstration last Tuesday in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, are demanding a better explanation from government for the decision to close schools on July 31.
In an interview with the Daily Observer, Musu Baysah, 50, a resident of Robert’s Street, said the government must handle the matter taking into consideration their poor financial status so that they would not be compelled to pay additional school fees.
Bony seller Baysah described the decision by the government as “serious academic chaos” and called on lawmakers to revisit the decision.
“I am a struggling parent. I sell bony fish to care for my children so I cannot afford another school fee,” she said, “so the government must think about my condition and help so that I can send my children to school.”
Another resident, Joseph Dearboy, said, “We just came from fighting Ebola. Without much money, some of us borrowed money just to be able to send our children to school. Now the Government is coming up with a decision that does not meet our approval.”
Mr. Dearboy called on the Ministry of Education to ensure that if the decision to close schools at the end of July is upheld, it must return the school fees that parents have already paid.
“We will wait to see if the government will decide to either pay our children’s school fees back or allow the children to continue their education.
“We are still waiting to meet with officials of the Ministry of Education so that we can find a better solution to the problem,” Mr. Dearboy stated.
Madam Ruth Roberts appealed to the government to take quick action on the issue by meeting with parents and guardians across the country.
She said the government must ensure that the academic dreams of the affected students are considered in making future decisions on the matter.
“We must fix this messy education system so that our children will have a better learning experience,” she said.


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