“Save G. Gedeh from ‘Monster’ Zoe Pennue”

Former First Lady of Liberia, Nancy B. Doe

— Former First Lady Nancy Doe calls on kinsmen to reject Lawmaker at the polls in December

With 64 days to the Special Senatorial Election to be held in the 15 counties, people who consider themselves as progressive critical thinkers that care about the future of their counties and humanity find themselves in a quandary — to get rid of those who they believe are not working in the interest of the people they claim to represent. These progressive thinkers believe that if they do not speak up, and do their utmost to save their counties and those “evils and monsters” are elected, they would entirely squander the county’s and national resources without remorse and mainly use their powers (authorities), to benefit themselves, corrupt families and cronies.

And one of such progressives is former First Lady, Mrs. Nancy B. Doe, widow of the late President, Dr. Samuel K. Doe, Sr.

In her own way of opting to save the future of her beloved Grand Gedeh and her family, Mrs. Doe, in a strongly worded press statement issued on Saturday, called on her kinsmen to “be weary of the monster called Zoe Pennue”, she said.

The press statement, which many Grand Gedeans considered as “deja vu” — contains repeated appeals to Grand Gedeans not vote for Zoe Emmanuel Pennue in his bid to become Senator of County, come Tuesday, December 8, 2020. She also appealed to the international community not to allow Rep. Pennue, his wife, Inez Pennue and his business partners to use her husband’s documents which he (Pennue) illegally obtained 30 years ago.

Rep. Pennue is the Representative of Grand Gedeh County District #1, and has been elected since 2005. He is currently serving his third term and is one of the five Representatives who are the longest serving Representative. Others are Speaker Bhofal Chambers (Maryland, D2), Rep. Thomas Fallah (Montserrado, D5), Rep. Haja Siryon (Bomi, D3) and Rep. Edwin Snowe (formerly Montserrado D6, now Bomi D1).

Pennue won the three Representative elections in 2005, 2011 and 2017, each as an independent candidate and also contested as an independent candidate for the Senate in 2014, but was defeated by Marshall Dennis. This year, it’s his second attempt but is contesting as a candidate of the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC), having joined the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC) this year.

Is Rep. Zoe Pennue Basking in Late President Doe’s Wealth?

Prior to his death on September 9, 1990, President Doe was rated as one of top five richest leaders on the African continent. In addition to hundreds of millions President Doe reportedly had in cash, he acquired a new luxury plane, worth nearly US$20 million for personal and family use. It was a 60-seater Boeing 707. The former President also owned a small fleet of luxury automobiles and is said to have spent lavishly on clothes and jewelry and had also accumulated extensive real-estate holdings.

The late President’s widow however made a shocking revelation in her press statement over the weekend, which might have provided clues as to where some of her late husband’s wealth might have been diverted.

She disclosed that her late husband and Rep. Pennue’s mother, Madam Tdisho Lucy Pennue are brother and sister (same mother and father), and her husband told her four months to his death that he had given his briefcases “to Zoe’s mother to deliver same to me as I had already left Liberia with my children,” she said in a written statement.

“To this day, Zoe and his mother refused to hand over my husband’s briefcases, referring to my husband as a ‘liar.’ He told me that “if I have any other proof, other than the words of a dead man, I should sue him.” 

According to the former First Lady, the Grand Gedeh County District #1 Representative is assiduously working overtime to steal the Senatorial election in Grand Gedeh through bribery, witchcraft, human sacrifices, intimidation and obtaining false documents for non-eligible paid supporters to illegally vote for him.

“If Zoe wins this election, I know that my life will be in danger. For this reason, I can no longer remain diplomatically quiet, therefore, I have realized, I have no other alternative but to expose him now.”

Mrs. Doe said while she did not have time to list all Rep. Pennue’s “evil deeds” against her, she would name a few: “Then interim President of Liberia, Amos C. Sawyer, contacted me to retrieve my husband’s cars from the Executive Mansion. As I was in exile, Zoe falsely represented me and took all of our vehicles and other possessions; In 2003, Rep Edwin Snowe, then Managing Director of LPRC, had initially agreed to renovate my house as it was severely damaged during the war. After receiving estimates, Snowe later retracted his offer because, according to him, Zoe, who was his deputy, was against him helping me; In 2004, I approached my husband’s business partner and friend George Haddad regarding my husband’s shares in their company. George Haddad said to my face, that anything I want, I should ask Zoe and not him; and Zoe continues to stop other business partners from speaking with me.”

The President’s widow continued: “When Chayee Doe, my husband’s younger brother, was sick and dying from a brain tumor, Zoe locked Chayee up in his room, preventing him from receiving medical and African treatments. It was only when Chayee was barely conscious that he permitted him to fly to his family in Delaware, the USA where he died shortly afterwards; After the death of Chayee, Zoe immediately confiscated Chayee’s documents, cars and properties belonging to Chayee’s family and assumed more power and influence; and following Chayee’s death, Zoe accused me and my son, Samuel K. Doe, Jr., of killing Chayee; suggesting that the only solution was for us to die by hanging. My Niao family traveled from all over the world and reciprocated his threats to him and his family before the harassment finally stopped.”

Mrs. Doe said further: “In 2013, Zoe told my daughter Mamie that unless we agree to sign a 10-year lease for the VAMOMA building with his Lebanese friend, our case will never see the light of day because all the judges are his friends. For more than 20 years my cases are still in court; Earlier this year, his aunt Theresa accused him (Zoe) of not sharing my husband’s businesses with them and only keeping it for himself, his wife Inez (who is relocating to the UK from Paris to continue his illegal activities) and his children. In response, he rented her a nice place in Ghana and gave her monthly allowance to keep her quiet; Zoe has all of my husband documents. He enjoys all my husband businesses with my husband’s business partners and Zoe continues to use our properties and businesses for only for him and his family.

“All the while threatening our lives because he is a Representative and cannot be sued; Zoe brags of his strong influence over President Weah, telling the family that as long as he does not agree for Weah to give us our due benefits, it will never happen, boasting that only he alone has the power to control President Weah; We have had many family meetings throughout the years, but my husband’s family are not brave enough to stand up to Zoe. He has bought some of them and threatened the rest. All they say is that we should leave it up to God, and one day he will no longer be a Representative.”

Mrs. Doe said last month, Rep. Pennue asked her to support his Senatorial campaign publicly and when she objected, “he threatened that if I do not support him publicly, he will make sure that President Weah never honors the ECOWAS judgment for my case.” 

“I am appealing to all Grand Gedians to think twice and wisely before voting for District number 1 Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue. Zoe has been extremely wicked to my family and me, whilst hiding behind his position and influence of power,” she wrote. “He has been a personal thorn in my flesh for over 25 years. Giving him your vote is like silently killing me.”

Phone calls, and messages sent via SMS and Facebook to Rep. Pennue, asking for his response to Mrs. Doe’s allegations, went unanswered. However, a source close to Rep. Pennue who begged not to be named said Rep. Pennue may or may not respond to the Mrs. Doe’s allegations against him. The source quotes Rep. Pennue, saying that “someone gave Mrs. Doe US$1,500 to lie” on him.



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