Sasstown to Get US$500K Hospital

The shut-down Domo Nimene Memorial Maternity Hospital

A modern hospital, fenced and comprising essential services relating to patient care, with at least 60 beds, including  pediatric, obstetrics, psychiatric, emergency and surgical wards, are expected to be built in Upper Sasstown (known as Down Beach Sasstown), Grand Kru County, at the cost of about US$500,000.

The Domo Nimene Memorial Maternity Hospital, commonly known as the Sasstown Tarpaulin Hospital, has been in desperate need of a new edifice in order to change the deteriorating tarpaulin that has been in use as an expansion compartment.

The hospital administrator, Mr. Blamo Sieh, told the Daily Observer on Tuesday that Welthungerhilfe and the County Health Team have concluded the documentations, and allotments have already been done.

He said Welthungerhilfe-Liberia are currently doing community awareness in order to ascertain views on “patient care and services.”

One of the staff of Welthungerhilfe, who were on the grounds of the hospital and asked to remain anonymous, said the physical construction will begin in December.

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid organizations in Germany. It is politically independent and non-denominational. Welthungerhilfe is fighting hunger around the world and is focusing its work around the Sustainable Development Goal 2: “Zero Hunger by 2030”.

Since its establishment in 1962, more than 9,830 overseas projects in 70 countries have been supported with 3.95 billion euros. Welthungerhilfe works on the principle of help to self-help: from fast disaster relief to reconstruction and long-term development cooperation projects with national and international partner organizations. It is important for Welthungerhilfe to actively involve its beneficiaries as much as possible in the projects. The organization’s actions are guided by the conviction that all people are equal in value, they have inalienable rights, and they should be able to control their own lives.

Domo Nimene, in whose memory the hospital is named, was a medical doctor who was schooled and practiced in Germany. He built the first German-Liberia Clinic in Red Light, Paynesville. He hailed from Sasstown, Grand Kru County and was among very few Liberians to become a medical doctor.

Main Hospital Shutdown

Staff quarters for the Domo Nimene Memorial Maternity Hospital being used as the Clinic to serve the community

Further, Mr. Sieh has announced that the main hospital has been shut down because seven persons who have been tested positive for the Coronavirus are being treated in the hospital.

He said the clinic has been transferred to the three new buildings that were constructed by the President and were given for staff quarters.

He told the Daily Observer that they were tested positive and immediately brought in on July 17.

Second Test

He pointed out that a ‘second result’ is expected in the county by Wednesday or Thursday and, if negative, they will be released after seven days.

He indicated that up to present, Sasstown only has eight cases. The first case is at Rally Town Hospital, while the remaining seven are at Domo Nimene, undergoing treatments and expecting the results of their second tests.

Dr. Flomo Dorbor, Chief Medical Director of Domo Nimene Memorial Maternity Hospital, said the facility was built in 1984, but was elevated to a full hospital status in 2016.

The hospital administrator expressed his thanks and appreciation to District #2 Representative, Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, saying his “donations” were timely prior to pandemic, as well as up to current to the county health team and Grand Kru County COVID 19 Response Team.

Connoisseurs believe that the expected new hospital is in continuation of the infrastructure development in the hometown of the President, and to buttress the 85 housing units which have been constructed and divided.


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