Sasstown Tarpaulin Hospital Cries for Help

Dr. Dorbor (L) listens to Rep. Koffa during an interactive forum.

Dr. Flomo Dorbor, Chief Medical Director of Domo Nimene Memorial Maternity hospital in Upper Sasstown, Grand Kru County, commonly known as the Sasstown Tarpaulin Hospital, says the facility is in desperate need of a new edifice in order to change the deteriorating tarpaulin that has been in use as an expansion compartment.

The facility was built in 1984, but was elevated to a full hospital status in 2016, with the obstetrics, psychiatric, emergency, and operation wards  built with tarpaulin.

Dr. Flomo told the Daily Observer that the hospital is in need of equipment, medicine, utility vehicles, furniture, electricity, and food for patients and staffs. Some staffs, according to him, are not on government payroll but survive only on handouts.

Dorbor made the disclosure on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, when Grand Kru County District #2 Representative J. Fonati Koffa paid a courtesy visit to the Nimene Memorial Facility hospital, the only health center in Sasstown.

As of Wednesday, he has “successfully” performed 965 operations since June, 2016; but he is considering quitting surgical procedures because of the lack of proper surgical tools and essential drugs.

“I am also assigned at the Rally Time Hospital in Grand Kru County, and so I am between the two hospitals. I ride motorbikes, risking my life as a medical doctor. I am doing it because I want to save lives. But this cannot be going on, so we need your assistance,” Dr. Dorbor told Rep. Koffa.

Administrator Blamoh Sieh said that the hospital is vulnerable, without a fence, and sometimes they never cook for staffs and patients because there is not any food.

Partial view of the Sasstown Tarpaulin Hospital

Physician Assistant Martin Sengbe, Registered Nurse Janetta W. O’Dorbor, and the Operation Room  Technician and Supervisor Albert Togba, separately thanked Rep. Koffa for contributing a generator; but they called on him to lobby with his colleagues and kinsmen, including President George Weah, Dr. Francis Nah Kateh, who is the country’s Chief Medical Officer, Minister Eugene Nagbe, and  Senator Peter Coleman to help the hospital.

“Please tell them to come home and help us, because we need to change the infrastructure in a way that can meet modern standards,” Sengbe said.

The hospital receives not less than 26 patients on a daily basis;but when there are drugs, the hospital receives a little over 93 patients daily.

Residents from other statutory districts, including Jloh, Kplio, Buah, Forpoh, and Jrao also come to the facility for treatment.

Reagan S. Bropleh, the Monitor and Evaluation Officer of the County Health Team, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, said the county was among the first in 2018 that provided her health report timely to the ministry in Monrovia.

In response, Rep. Koffa expressed regret about the situation, but promised to solicit help from his kinsmen and partners.

Besides the generator and the fuel, Koffa said, at the end of the month, he will provide an additional solar panel and monthly food for staff and patients.

He also promised to lobby with his kinsmen, including the President, who is expected to visit Sasstown in March this year.

Two of the patients, Munah Dorbor, 28, and Elizabeth Nah, 39, told journalists that they gave births to their three and four children respectively but lack support.

“Sometimes when we come here and the doctor examine us, we only get the names of the medicine to buy. We want our people in the city to help us,” Elizabeth said.


  1. Dr. Dorbor, thanks ever so much for serving humanity. It is however unfortunate to have you suffer like that as if you’re unimportant to society while ordinary directors at land ministries and agencies are sitting comfortably at luxurious offices and air conditioned vehicles.
    I am a lawyer speaking to you in similar manner transiting between different magisterial courts on motor bikes from Sanniquellie to Karnplay to Garplay, etc., just to ensure justice is served our people.

    May the Lord guide and strengthen you as we serve our people. Hope those prominent and well off citizens will appreciate and buttress your humanitarian gesture.

    Thanks a million my Doctor.

    Atty. James N. Nyenpann 0777538732/0888409057

  2. Come on Mr. Flomo Smith. Let’s not play the game of blame here. A good-down-to- request has been made. The Sasstown hospital needs to be rescued. The request needs to be taken seriously because the lives of people are involved. So for now, let’s stay clear of politics.

    • This is not about politics , it is about people that were voted into power whom are doing nothing to improve the community that trusted them. We can not blame the ruling party, we blame individual who came to misuse the country’s resources .If government officials have no other income and do not invest the stolen money back into the community, instead buying homes abroad that will benefit other country. They travel to other countries and see their infrastructure. CDC please do your home work, before asking people to join your government, check to see what the individual have done for his community or himself . Open your eyes CDC.I love Liberia###

  3. Rep. Koffa, a while back you promised the pepo of Grand Kru that you were going to build several houses for them, is it possible to include a few hospitals in the mix? Sir, if you do dis ting, I am sure God and dey pepo of dat county an Liberia, as a whole, will cherish you forever; this is how I look at it oooh. God bless.

  4. The visit of the direct District Representative Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa was a routine one as he will always visit with them. His remarks were also very positive.

    I think the Medical Director should have given a historical background to the expansion works and the required countries to The German Government and Mrs. Margaret Nimene who championed the expansion.

    Dr. Dorbor also spoke highly about the load of vases they manage due to the facility strategic location. In 2018, Mrs. NIMENE and the German Ambassador to Liberia wife paid a two days working visit to the facility. The community has already secured several acres of land that the German Government will soon commence the construction of the new hospital on. Since the full operations began, several housing facilities got added to the facility for healthcare workers. I am sure about four apartments.

    To ensure the Medical Director was resident in Sasstown, Senator Dr. Peter S. Coleman provided his home in Sasstown City. The facility also have a NISSAN HARDBODY PICKUP that I know the harsh road of our region especially during the rains must have had a toll on it.

    One critical issue they must have left out and is crucial to the operations of the facility remains getting money from government as contained in the National Budget. They have always complained about significant delays and at times cuts to what they request during allotments. The situation is not unique to the administration of President WEAH but the County Caucus can jointly make a case as for Dr. Dorbor to suspend surgical interventions will put a lot of people at risk especially tgat they already know their close proximity to the Center. Cllr. Koffa has his own Dorset that can also bring pressure to bear to achieve the desire results.

    The German Government in providing the facility also ensure that the requisite cooling equipment got installed to avoid heated environment especially during the dry Season. I know the cooling units and thermal fuel generators may not be friendly. But we missed out on giving the Germans the due credit as they have keen interest in Sasstown. Dr. Dormu Nimene was a son of Sasstown who was married to Mrs. Margaret Nimene a German and her husband had serious desire to see a hospital in his home. That is the desire she is bringing to fruition.

    I hope going forward we can always give our development partners the necessary courtesy as they do read the dailies.


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