Sass Town Cries for Basic Services

Central Sass Town’s only hand pump.jpg

Sass Town, located in central Louisiana Township in Montserrado County Electoral District #1, with a population of 800 inhabitants, lacks almost all the basic necessities of life. The residents are calling on their Representative Josephine Francis to come to their aid.

Sass Town lacks safe drinking water, schools, and clinics for the population, dominated by farmers.

During a visit to the township recently, residents told the Daily Observer how they have been living without basic, but important necessities for years.

They said they would be happy if the government and those responsible for the township could come and rescue them from their nightmare.

“We are still calling on authorities to intervene by providing the town with elementary and junior schools and a clinic because of health related problems as a result of residents fetching water from unsafe sources,” said Peter Reeves, chairman of the town.

Chairman Reeves said residents from central Sass Town and those from Bongo Town are fetching water from creeks and open wells.

Last year the town lost some residents from diarrhea outbreak, due to unsafe drinking water.

“We lost five residents to diarrhea outbreak, because it was difficult for us to get clean water for drinking,” said Moses Dennis.

Another resident, Charles Alexander, said last year the rain disrupted the academic calendar to the extent that students were unable to complete school.

Mr. Alexander disclosed that students could not go to the only elementary and junior high school in the town, because of constant flooding on the main road.

He further reported that some students walk about an hour’s distance to attend the nearest schools. The only school in the town is cannot take all the children.

Residents said it takes them 50 minutes to an hour’s walk to reach to the clinic that is in Central Louisiana and they often have to use wheelbarrows to transport sick neighbors, whose cases are critical.

They added that bad bridges in the area had made it difficult for vehicles to pick up the sick.

Sass Town is Louisiana Township’s second of 25 villages.


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