Sanniquellie Water Facility Nears Completion

Men at work at one of the water storage facilities, where pure sand was brought to purify the water before distribution

Ongoing work to restore safe drinking water to Sanniquellie, Nimba County’s political capital, is expected to be finished any time soon, the site engineer, Hastings Gbaamon, has said. His statement was collaborated by the project’s community relations officer, Mark Gboo-Tomah.

The Sanniquellie project is part of the Liberia Municipal Water Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Capital Improvement Project, and implemented by United Infrastructure Project.

The project is being implemented in Sanniquellie, Voinjama in Lofa County and Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount at a cost of US$26 million, a source said. The three projects were officially launched last year in Sanniquellie where authorities of the three counties gathered to express their appreciation to USAID.

But Gbaamon told the Daily Observer at the storage site in Sanniquellie on Tuesday that 80 percent of the project has be completed, while the entire work is expected to be completed early 2018.

At the project site, where the processing and storage facilities are situated, engineers up to Tuesday, remained at work as they put finishing touches, basically on the power system and storage facilities.

“We have completed the running of underground pipes across the entire Sanniquellie City, but we are left with the installation of the electric power system, which is solar powered,” Gbaamon said.

However, Gboo-Tomah added, “For the water to be ready for drinking at the end of the project, it will have to go through stages of purification or filtration before it can be distributed across the city.”

Partial view of the modern water facility in Sanniquellie.

Upon the completion of the project, Sanniquellie as well other cities including Voinjama and Robertsport will boast of safe pipe borne water.

Residents of Sanniquellie expressed happiness for the project, praising the US Government for the support. They said the water system is one of the key facilities the city lacked since the end of the Liberian civil crisis in 2003.

“We appreciate the USA for this project, because every dry season we encounter shortage of water,” said Aaron Weih, a resident of Sanniquellie. “I am putting my house in order so I can be connected to the water line,” he added.

Upon its completion,  the project will be run by the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC).  Every user will have the opportunity to get his/her house connected to safe drinking water, whatever the cost.

Prior to the 14-year civil war, Sanniquellie had a water system built by the Germans that provided pipe borne water throughout the area. But the facility was destroyed by the war. It is, however, now being modernized with additional components to meet the standard of the ongoing project.

As part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6, provision of clean and safe drinking water as well as sanitation remains paramount among the 17 sustainable goals the world body adopted.



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