Sanniquellie Military Barracks in Ruins


The Camp Grants Sanniquellie military barracks near Veepa Town is in ruins, with the premises overgrown with weeds, residents have said.

Residents told this newspaper that the barracks was one of the most expensive military structures in the hinterland, constructed under the regime of the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe.

From a distance, a few houses can be seen from the main road, with the rest of the structures covered by overgrown bush.

In December 2006, Defense Minister Brownie Samukai and Col. David J. Osinski, Senior US Defense Advisor to Liberia, Lt/Col. James P. Toomey, and Defense Attaché to the US Embassy in Liberia as well as senior staff of the Defense Ministry toured many damaged military facilities in the country, including the Sanniquellie Barracks.

At present, people have occupied several of the ruined buildings, while some have been turned into carpenter shops or motorbike repairing garages.

“Suspected criminals are using the buildings as their hideout, while wild creeping animals including snakes have been spotted there,” said one Luogon, who lives near the barracks.

A lady who also lives nearby said, “We don’t know what is really happening that this barrack cannot be renovated over 10 years since the civil war.”

The event marking 11 years of United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) was hosted in public buildings such as schools and the chief’s compound.

Nimba County officials have not made any decision on the status of the barracks in any of their county meetings, including the county council sitting that brings together the Legislative Caucus.

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