Sando Johnson Vs Edwin Snowe

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Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson's (L) incumbency is now under threat by and Bomi County District #1 Rep. Edwin Snowe who has declared his intention to ascend to the Senate in Johnson's place.

With less than nine months to the holding of the country’s Presidential and Legislative elections, two political actors have started trading a tirade of words over who will become the representative of Bomi District #1.

Bomi County Senator Sando Johnson yesterday reinforced his vow to make sure that Rep. Edwin M. Snowe does not win at the polls in October as representative for Seinje, Bomi County Electoral District #1.

Speaking via telephone on the Bumper Show hosted by Patrick Honna, Sen. Johnson said Snowe lacked the moral and political will to represent the people of the district. “If it even costs me my blood, (life) I will make sure Snowe does not take power in Bomi,” he vowed.

“Snowe has failed the people of Montserrado District #6 and the Bomi citizens’ sympathy to have allowed him to have a parcel of land to plant his oil palm plantation so he could escape the shame, has made him unfocused and unwilling to realize the critical hurdles ahead of him,” Johnson said.

Senator Johnson said to prove that Snowe lacked the will to convince the constituents of his readiness to lead them after the October polls, “he has trucked in voters from other parts of the country to build up the numbers to vote him in.”

Reacting to Sen. Johnson’s claims, Rep. Snowe said “Johnson is mentally unstable.” He said Johnson is on record for insulting the late Bishop Michael K. Francis and burning down the C. H. Dewey School, adding that Johnson “lacks intellectual attributes.”

He pointed out that Sen. Morris Saytumah who should have been with him in studio at ELBC to discuss Bomi political issues has not slept in the county since he was elected.

“Saytumah pretended to the people that he was a good man to represent them in the Senate by speaking Gola and eating with them in common pans, but today the story is different as he has abandoned them out of his own will and heartlessness,” Rep. Snowe charged.

Rep. Snowe, who was in studio waiting for the arrival of Sen. Morris Saytumah to discuss Bomi politics as he attempts to unseat incumbent Rep. Samuel Garyah Karmo, said the Constitution guarantees him the right to contest for any elective post in any part of the country once he has resided therein for a year or more.

“Article 30b of our constitution says that as a citizen, once you live in a constituency for more than a year and be of good behavior, you can contest for an elective seat as required by law,” Snowe noted.

He said his interest is in the people of Bomi who are eligible to decide constitutionally who should be their leader.

“I respect the people of Bomi, particularly those who have called me to represent them and their voice will be the final arbiter, not an individual like Sando Johnson or Morris Saytumah,” said Snowe.

Rep. Snowe said nearly two years ago he wrote the National Elections Commission, asking that his voter roll should be updated as he is now a resident of Seinje, Bomi District #1 and will be participating in all political matters in that part of the country.

Phoning in on the program, Bomi County former Senator Lahai Lansana said Sen. Johnson and his supporters are fighting a losing battle as he and many citizens of the county will not relent to campaign for Snowe to succeed in the coming polls.

“Sando’s statement is not marketable and we, the prominent citizens of that county, will leave no stone unturned to protect and defend Snowe in his political struggle in Bomi,” Mr. Lansanah vowed.

Also phoning in was the Commissioner of Seinje District which falls in Electoral District #1, James Tarpeh, who said even if it costs him his job, he will not relent to campaign for Snowe to succeed as representative for that district.

Commissioner Tarpeh said the district and the county at large need development and he sees that Snowe can do better to bring to the table many good things, including the creation of more job opportunities.

The Daily Observer has learnt that Rep. Snowe donates 200 gallons of fuel on a monthly basis to the community radio station in Tubmanburg and has taken to the county health center two 40 foot containers of medical supplies and also arranged with the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to supply electricity to the county.

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