Sand Truck Kills Three

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On Friday, November 7, a sand-carrying Renault truck ran off the main road near the SOS Clinic in Congo Town and killed all three passengers riding on a motorbike.

The three deceased males were identified as security guards working for the Regional Security Network, and were en-route to their various assigned posts early that fateful Friday.

The deceased were also identified by one of their co-workers as Reuben David, Peterson Saye and the biker only identified as Baby Boy.

Their blue colored Safari Super Galaxy bike was smashed beyond recognition by the speeding truck before crushing the riders to their early deaths.

Eyewitnesses told the Daily Observer that a traffic police officer assigned at the Sophie Junction had reportedly stopped all vehicles and motorbikes heading in both directions of traffic to give way to pedestrians crossing the road, but that the truck driver allegedly refused to obey the police signal on the grounds that his vehicle had no brakes.

“In the process,” other eyewitnesses said, “the police ordered that he park off the road but in the process, he ran into the motorbike on the right lane near the SOS Clinic, crushing the three private security guards to the ground. Two of them, including the security supervisor, Peterson Saye, and the rider, Baby Boy, died instantly as their heads were crushed by the truck. The third person, who sustained injuries, died in transit to the hospital.”

The truck was delivering sand to a local contractor in Monrovia when the incident occurred.

Shortly following the accident, the driver reportedly escaped the scene, but later reported himself to police at Zone 4 Police Depot on Somalia Drive, a police source at Zone 3 Police Depot told the Daily Observer.

The incident, which occurred about 9 a.m., brought hundreds of horrified onlookers to the scene. Some blamed the police for “misdirecting traffic” and “allowing faulty vehicles, especially heavy trucks, to ply the streets without proper brakes.”

As medical practitioners, who were dispatched to the crime scene to remove the bodies, carried on with their work, some onlookers were wailing, blaming God and others, the devil for the early demise of the three young men believed to be in their 20s.

Meanwhile, police have removed both the truck and the damaged motorbike to the Zone 3 Depot in Congo Town, as family members of the deceased make funeral arrangements for their loved ones.


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