“Sanctions Have Virtually Destroyed my Law Practice; Devastated My Reputation”

Sen (Cllr) Sherman: "Sanctions have devastated my reputation..."

Senator Varney Sherman has opined that the US government’s imposed sanctions against him based on allegation and “unfounded theory,” has damaged his livelihood and business.

Sen. Sherman, whose reaction comes amid a report of the Financial Intelligence Unit requesting banks to temporarily freeze his financial assets, lamented that said financial and economic sanctions against him have virtually destroyed his law practice; as most of his clients now have terminated attorney-client relationships.

“Some of the clients started with me when I established the law firm in July 1989, and have continued with me through thick and thin until the imposition of these sanctions,” Sen. Sherman said.  “Accordingly, I have relieved my partners, staff lawyers and ordinary staffers from their obligations to Sherman and Sherman, and to me personally.”

Sen. Sherman in response to the US government sanction argued that at no time in his nearly 41-year career that he ever bribed judges to rule a case in favor of him as claimed by the US.

The Liberian lawyer further said that if that was the case, as the US government claims, he was not going to lose 30 out of the 65 cases that Sherman and Sherman presided over as legal counsel, directly or indirectly through one of its staff lawyers.

Questioning the US government, Sen. Sherman said it is improbable that he will be “routinely” bribing judges to decide cases in his favour and yet out of approximately 65 cases at trial courts over a period of 6 years he is losing 30.

“I reiterate that these accusations are untrue, baseless and unfounded. I have never engaged in bribing judges to rule cases in my favour, neither have I known of any judge during my nearly 41-year career as a Liberian lawyer, who ruled cases against me and I was responsible for his/her impeachment for that reason. I have never ever facilitated payments to any Liberian politician to support the impeachment of any judge.”

US government Allegation

On December 9, 2020, in recognition of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the United States Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed economic and financial sanctions against Sen. Sherman for routinely paying judges to win cases.

The sanctions, according to OFAC, also comes because of allegations that he facilitated payments to Liberian politicians to support the impeachment of a judge who has ruled against him.

The US government further alleged that Sen. Sherman bribed the judge that presided over the Sable Mining Case, which involved him and some other top government officials in Liberia, including former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alex J. Tyler.

In 2015, Global Witness, a British corruption watchdog, alleged that Sable Mining Company through Cllr. Varney Sherman, the company’s legal representative, and his colleagues conspired to circumvent the law in order for the company to get a concession to mine the Wologisi Mountain in Lofa without going through a competitive bidding process.

“Varney Sherman, now a prominent lawyer, Liberian Senator, and chair of the Liberian Senate Judiciary Committee, offered bribes to multiple judges associated with his trial for 2010 bribery scheme, and he had an undisclosed conflict of interest with the judge who ultimately returned a not guilty verdict in July 2019,” the release said.

“In the 2010 scheme that led to his trial, Sherman was hired by a British Mining company in an effort to obtain one of Liberia’s last mining assets, the Wologisi iron ore concession. Sherman advised the company that, in order to obtain the contract, they first had to get Liberia’s procurement and concession law changed by bribing senior officials,” OFAC noted.

However, for Sen. Sherman, the US government erred in its decision based on the fact that the foundation of the sanction is on mere allegations, and that the failure for OFAC to name the judges (some, if not all) whom he routinely bribed to win cases, is disservice and injustice to him and his career.

“I am alleged to have routinely given bribes to decide cases in my favour; perhaps OFAC would go one-step further and name those clients whose cases I am deemed to have routinely bribed judges,” Sen. Sherman added.  “More than 90% of my (firm’s) clients are foreign-owned corporations and foreign non-governmental organizations; very, very few are Lebanese or Lebanese nationals and even fewer are Liberian citizens.”

Sen. Sherman added that his law firm is a corporate law firm; which engages primarily in transaction law, not litigation—and that every retainer agreement signed with a client is done on the basis of compliance with  US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the OECD Convention on the Corruption of Foreign Government Officials.

“Every retainer agreement also provides that all expenses made on behalf of a client shall be paid in advance or authorized by the client; and when not authorized, it shall not be reimbursed. I would be remiss if I do not inform you about the Management of Comium/Novaohone vs. Sumo Flomo; which was decided by the Supreme Court on January 8, 2015, as a part of the records of the October 2014 Term of the Supreme Court.  In that case (an Action of Damages for Wrong), the trial rendered a judgment award of US$60,000.OO for Sumo Flomo and we appealed on behalf of our client, the Management of Comium/Novaphone to reverse the judgement for lack of evidence to support it. However, on appeal, instead of the Supreme Court reversing the judgment award or merely affirming it, the Supreme Court increased the judgment award from US$60, O00 to US$200, OOO.OO (more than three times). Is this evidence in support of OFAC’s accusation that I routinely bribed judges to decide cases in my favour?”

According to Sen. Sherman, he wonders why he is being sanctioned when the country of origin of each of these foreign-owned corporations and foreign non-governmental organizations have their own laws against bribery and any form of corruption.

“So, which of my clients violated the laws of its country of origin or its in-house regulations by giving me, or my law firm money to bribe judges? Alternatively, OFAC is alleging that I used my personal resources to make payments to judges to decide cases in my favour—and if this is the allegation, I emphatically reiterate my denial. Please be informed that I am not that financially endowed to make such payments and I have never made such illegal payments to any judge or anybody else,” Sen. Sherman stated in his response.

Meanwhile, Sen. Sherman is also wondering why would anybody select him, not other Representatives or Senators, to be the one to pay bribes to politicians to impeach former Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’ neh.

The Grand Cape Mount Senator further said that it is mind-blogging that people will believe that he influenced the removal of the Cllr. Ja’ neh because the former associate justice ruled against him, and as such, kept the grudge against him.

I do not recall any case in which I, or my law firm, was involved and in which Justice Ja’Neh, as an individual judge, ruled against me. If Justice Ja’Neh ruled in any case in which my law firm was involved, he was just one of the majority of the Justices who ruled against my firm; and it certainly was not a personal case,” Sen. Sherman said.


  1. So how can this rogue be a Senator at the same time still engaged with clients at his law firm? Those foreign corporate clients needs to be questioned why they are still doing business with this rogueish and corrupt Senator.

    • This is an easy case. If Senator Sherman actually

      (1) believes what he is saying, and not ingratiating, all he and his team has to

      (2) ensure is the reality that it is impossible for his antagonists or his litigating opponents to

      (3) have or present the required defenses under tort law in general! For

      (4) reason dictates that with him been a victim of NEGLIGENCE TORTS, INTENTIONAL TORTS, OR STRICT LIABILITY, his Senator Varney Sherman, you bet is going to surely fire a cause of action for inter alia a relief of damages…be they punitive or exemplary.


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      Capitol rioters intended to ‘capture and assassinate’ elected officials, federal prosecutors say in court filing

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      • Mr. False Nationalist,
        If you certainly think and strongly believe that the Government of the United States overtly and wrongly sanctioned Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman and froze his properties and assets, why don’t you prepare and file papers before the Federal District Court and have you and your legal team represent Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman, and his properties? The United States of America isn’t the Republic of Liberia wherein the Crimes of Property Theft, Money Laundering, Economic Sabotage, Misappropriation of Entrusted Property, and Capital Flight are the culture and common way of life, with impunity. Before the Government of the United States places an accused on its Sanction List and freezes his assets, the evidence to indict, prosecute and convict that accused in any of the Courts of the United States, is overwhelming, probative, and self-executing.

        Simply put, the Government of the United States is only advising the Government and people of Liberia to put their Courts and Judicial house in order, the Government should mean well for its people and residents.

        • Folks, you see what I always tell you people about this ass calling himself Frederick Jayweh that he does not know a damn thing within the field of law, except that he may have attend a law school!

          Now read his stupidity infra and see in the clipping below and see how this boy is damn stupid!

          “Before the Government of the United States places an accused on its Sanction List and freezes his assets, the evidence to indict, prosecute and convict that accused in any of the Courts of the United States, is overwhelming, probative, and self-executing“. IDIOTIC AND IGNORAMUS FREDERICK JAYWEH

          U.S. District Court Deals Rare Defeat to OFAC in U.S. Sanctions Matter

          $2 million penalty against Exxon overturned
          Court concluded that OFAC failed to provide clear notice of violative conduct
          Companies are at risk when acting in context of ambiguous agency guidance
          At the end of December 2019, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas vacated a $2 million penalty that the U.S. Treasury Department, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) had imposed against ExxonMobil for alleged violations of U.S. sanctions related to Russia and Ukraine. OFAC is the U.S. government agency that administers most U.S. sanctions.

          This matter has been of interest since the penalty was first announced in July 2017 – read our July 2017 blog post detailing the matter. As described below, the district court’s reasoning in vacating the penalty against Exxon is worthy of interest, too.

          Penalty Imposed Based on Contracts Signed in May 2014
          In May 2014, ExxonMobil entered into eight contracts with Rosneft, one of Russia’s largest oil and gas companies. At that time, Rosneft was designated by OFAC as a sanctioned party under U.S. Sectoral Sanctions imposed on certain Russian and Ukrainian entities and individuals. Under those sanctions, some but not all transactions with Rosneft were prohibited. The contracts between Exxon and Rosneft were not by themselves prohibited.

          Complicating the matter, however, was that each of the contracts was signed by Igor Sechin, the president of Rosneft. Sechin was also at the time a Specially Designated National (SDN). As a general matter, U.S. parties (such as Exxon) cannot engage in any transaction or other dealing with an SDN.

          In July 2017, OFAC announced its $2 million civil monetary penalty against Exxon for eight violations of the Ukraine-Related Sanctions Regulations. This represented the maximum possible civil penalty under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which provides the statutory authority for the Ukraine-Related Sanctions.

          In announcing the penalty, OFAC asserted that the regulations themselves as well as public statements made by OFAC and members of the White House “made clear U.S. persons may not deal with any persons designated pursuant to E.O. 13361, including Sechin, or receive, deal in, or benefit from any service a designated person might provide.” Exxon promptly challenged the penalty.

          Court Concluded that OFAC Did Not Provide Fair Notice of Prohibition
          Exxon argued that neither the regulatory language itself, nor related guidance issued by OFAC, was sufficiently clear for the company to understand that co-signing a contract with an SDN was forbidden. OFAC countered by pointing to an FAQ on the agency’s website related to U.S. sanctions on Burma and which indicated that dealing with an SDN in a transaction on behalf of the SDN’s organization would be prohibited.

          The court rejected this OFAC argument. In particular, the court found it unreasonable for Exxon to necessarily understand that similar regulatory provisions in different sanctions regimes should be interpreted in the same way absent “explicit” guidance from OFAC.

          Court Frowned on Exxon’s Decision Not to Seek Advice Directly from OFAC
          OFAC also asserted that, if Exxon were uncertain about the scope of the prohibitions against Sechin, it should have sought guidance directly from the agency. Although the court concluded that the agency ultimately has responsibility for providing fair notice, the court also looked dimly on Exxon’s decision not to seek guidance directly from OFAC. More generally, the court was somewhat troubled that Exxon decided to proceed in the context of considerable regulatory uncertainty – particularly given that Exxon could have sought guidance from OFAC to alleviate that uncertainty.

          One can surmise that Exxon may not have sought guidance because of concern of getting the wrong answer. That of course is not much of an excuse. But those dealing regularly with OFAC also will appreciate how difficult it often is to extract any information from the agency, let alone pertinent guidance. Thus as a practical matter, Exxon may simply have made a business judgment that it was reasonable to proceed with the contracts. (Interestingly, it does not appear that OFAC has claimed that Exxon’s multi-million dollar contracts were themselves tainted, only that the dealings with Sechin in order to execute the contracts were prohibited.)

          Lessons for Regulated Companies and Their Advisors
          OFAC penalties are rarely challenged in court. And the district court’s decision is far from a clear victory for Exxon. (OFAC may also appeal the decision.)

          As a general matter, it would be unwise to assume that regulatory ambiguity about whether specific conduct is prohibited creates a green light to proceed with a potentially problematic transaction. Rather, in the case of genuine uncertainty, the smart – and perhaps even expected – course of action would be to seek OFAC guidance.

          More specifically, it seems safe to conclude that OFAC will view any dealing with an individual SDN – whether in their professional or personal capacity – as prohibited. This could create a heavy compliance burden for regulated parties.

          For example, imagine that Sechin was simply a senior manager with which Exxon met while negotiating its contracts with Rosneft. Presumably Exxon met with many such people during negotiations. Does Exxon need to screen all individuals it meets with, at least in countries or affiliated with companies that are subject to some U.S. trade restrictions? The answer would seem to be yes.

          More positively, the regulated community will surely hope that OFAC views this decision as the basis for issuing clearer regulations and / or guidance, whether in the form of FAQs or in some other manner. Practitioners often look to OFAC guidance about all of its sanctions programs to discern the agency’s enforcement intent and regulatory interpretations. While we do not expect this practice to change, additional guidance would be welcome. That would be the best possible response by the agency to this rare defeat.


        • You’re 100% correct. Sanctions mean the individual has violated the Magnitsky Act, which is a federal crime and punishable by imprisonment if found guilty. I understand Sherman is an American citizen so he’s really in deep shit. I highly doubt he will ever visit America again because he will be arrested at the airport and taken to jail. The Liberian government is run by criminals and everyone knows it.

      • Unknown to Cllr. Varney Sherman aka Senator Varney Sherman, his activities with Sable Mining were very well monitored and documented, by Great Britain’s very credible corruption-watch. You bet! I suppose, they may/might have some very [GRAPHICS] damaging evidence against the Senator.

    • Mr. False Nationalist,
      Did you forget to take your mental and behavioral health medications today? To me and from what I am reading from you, you appear to be in urgent need of some help. My advice to you is to take your medications first and later prepare papers and represent Cllr. H.Varney G. Sherman, if you think you have the capacity and necessary skill.

      Don’t fool yourself. Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman, any other Liberian so accused, and to be sanctioned, is in deep trouble.

      Liberia is what is today, because of so many criminal minds, we have running Liberia.

      Liberia and its residents have so many problems accredited to her so-called educated sons and daughters.

      You may hustle Cllr. Sherman as long you want.

      • Dull boy Frederick Jayweh, so the stupidity you have spewed above is YOUR COUNTER?

        In your obvious idiocy, pretenses, and ignorance, you claimed via implications and expressions that OFAC is infallible. Hence according to your silly billy nature and character, OFAC’S decisions are of the quality of a decree. Therefore, OFAC’S DECISIONS, according to that shell on your shoulders, are never overturned.


          • Jackson Neal, yes intellectually criminal silly billy Jayweh is an embarrassment to the legal profession. The thread in our exchanges reveal this viz his diverting from the issue and hiding behind insults.

            But Jackson Neal, you just keep quiet about “stopping insults and dealing with substance“ when the fact is that you have no moral decency nor the moral equilibrium, not to talk about the grounds to make such utterances as made evident infra in your comments the other day when you went on insulting women and using profanities.

            You exhibited similar insults again when Pres. Weah eulogized the late Rep. Pelham.

            Here below is the evidence when you turned away from the substance or issue and vented your insults angainst none other but women!

            “Jackson Neal June 16, 2020 At 4:15 am
            Thank you but no thanks Mr. George Weah for appointing Davidetta Browne Lasanna as elections commission chairman. For one thing she has been one of your multiple intimate females in your philandering career. Second, our Liberian women are a disgrace to society when it comes to leadership. Women leadership in Liberia is devilishly a nightmare. You can’t trust them with any civil responsibility.

            There are few enterprising roguish career women who stole and are stealing more than men in our society: Judge Cianneh Johnson, Judge Eva Mappie Morgan, Francis Johnson Morris, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and scores of women who would steal, kill, and do anything to compromise the integrity of womanhood in our society.

            So, appointing Davetta is just another attempt at window dressing, signifying that women can do better or are honest. Mr. President, not Liberian women. They are as corrupt as their Liberian men. Mark my word: Davidetta will sign on any fraudulent result that will declare you,George Weah, as president in 2023.“

    • You can’t reasonably blame his parents for his crimes because he’s a grown man and he should know right and wrong. The problem is in Liberia, there is no accountability because 99% of government officials are corrupt, so these guys are not afraid to commit crimes. You can get away with murder in Liberia if you have money to bribe the prosecutor, judge, and jurors. That’s how it’s done. But things are changing, the US and Europe are using their laws to deal with these deplorables in Liberia and else where. He will lose his property in Maryland and if he ever comes to the US, he will be arrested and prosecuted for violating the The Magnitsky Act. He’s toast!!

  2. You have a token education from Harvard but where has it taken you all these years? You used it against the Liberian people, not working for the poor but against the poor. So you are crying fouls? You represent one of Liberia’s greatest disappointments with elite educators.

    You will go down in history as one one Liberia’s worst to be alive. You learned those corrupt practices from the UPRIVER AMERICO-LIBERIANS who came to Liberia to enslave and pillage the resources. They introduced corruption and schooled some of you into that evil enterprise.

    You will leave this world like a fool; your legacy is shrouded in shame and disgrace.

    • Miatta S. Momoh aka Gballay Gotombo aka PDF REBEL FOUNDER, to where did your education from Fourah Bay College, and George Washington University take you? You education took you to none other but to Lybia and in the bush as a rebel hustler to kill, steal, and destroy. Varney Sherman is far far far better than you! Only hypocrites, or the poor and weak minded do not know that the view of life of any seasoned lawyer is framed by more disputation than any other in society.

  3. It’s about time the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County re-call Cllr. Varney Sherman from the Liberian Senate. It is clear that the international Community as well as the Government of the United States have expressed serious concerns about Sherman’s dubious and corrupt character which has led to their decision to put a sanction on him and his activities including bribery, theft, and other heinous crimes. He therefore cannot ably represent his people; thus the urgent need for his immediate re-call and replacement.
    The petition from the great people of Grand Cape Mount should immediately be written to the Senate with carbon copy sent to the Executive for his removal or that he be expelled from the Liberian Senate for his complicity in acts that will bring the Honorable Senate in disrepute. Expel the rascal now!

  4. Sanctions will not destroy your law firm if God is on your side. If you had done the right things God wanted and created you to do. You would have had peace with the peace with yourself. He gave you brilliance and knowledge to work for him and not to use what he gave you to enrich yourself using the hurt of others through corrupt means. Stop and think very very well. It is not too late to turn to God and do the right things for Liberia instead of money. You may not enjoy the money. Look at your old bossman, Chris Maxwell. Take him as an example and see where all his riches are and who are enjoying it. It is not late to do the right things in life. God will reward you. Can you not read the message? You are blaming someone else. Your money is not making you a great man. It is what you do that makes you great. Stop and think. Money is not all in the world. Do you know why? There is always someone else with more money than the other. This is why your character is your riches. For example compassion for the less fortunate etc. Take this to the bank honorable Sherman. You will see how God will do the rest.

  5. Sanctions will not destroy your law firm if God is on your side. If you had done the right things God wanted and created you to do. You would have had peace with yourself. He gave you brilliance and knowledge to work for him and not to use what he gave you to enrich yourself at the expense of hurting others through corrupt means. Stop and think very very well. It is not too late to turn to God and do the right things for Liberia instead of desiring corrupt money. You may not enjoy the money if God is displeased. Look at your old bossman, Chris Maxwell. who was your idle and a very rich man in Liberia? Take him as an example and a yardstick to measure his humanity. How did he acquire his wealth in Liberia? See where all his riches are and what did it do for him? It is not late to do the right things in life. God will reward you among kings. Can you not read the message? You are blaming someone else. Your money is not making you a great man. It is what you do that makes you great. Do you know why? There is always someone else with more money than the other. This is why your character is your riches. For example compassion for all etc. Did you realize that your corrupt practices caused Liberians good drinking water, electricity, roads, etc? This has made the international community see you as a scumbag and low life. This is why your law firm is losing money. Character matters to gain trust.

  6. Sherman’s case should be settled in a competent court of law, but not in the court of public opinion. If he is not lying to his teeth, the sanction against him will be lifted. But if he is exposed as a high class fraudulent individual, he may be disbarred or he may spend a portion of his adult life in jail. At this point, no one knows the full truth about Sherman’s dealings. Let’s take a pause. Hopefully, the truth will be known sooner or later.

  7. Mr. Hney,
    I am sorry, but you are not permitted to speak for well-meaning Liberians concerned with the reported Sherman sanction matter. Using the deceptive and misleading designation, Big Boy-1 and Big Boy-2, Counsellor H. Varney G. Sherman was caught right-handed dishing out nearly US$1,000,000 transferred to him and Sherman & Sherman’s accounts to reportedly buy off the following key officials of the Government of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by his British client, Sable Mining, with impunity:
    1. J. Alex Tyler, former Speaker of the House of Representatives
    2. Prof. Willie Bille of Zubah-Bille & Associate of Liberia
    3. Mr. ECB Jones, Former Deputy Minister of Lands, Mines, and Energy
    4. Mr. Citrus Waterson, Former President Prompt of the Liberian Senate
    5. Eugene Shannon, Ph.D., former Minister of Lands, Mines, and Energy
    6. Mr. Richard V. Tolbert, Former Chairman, National Investment Commission
    7. Mr. Morris Setumah, Senator of Bomi County, Republic of Liberia
    8. Christopher, a Nigerian Business dealer and wheeler
    9. Big-Boy-1 and Big-Boy-2, and
    10. Other notoriously known and bred criminal-minded officials of the Johnson Sirleaf-led Government. In the Republic of Liberia, the offering and paying out of bribe money to secure the favor, action, and reaction of officials of the Government, offends the New Penal Code and is a first-degree felony, punishable by 10 years imprisonment.

    Liberia and the people of Liberia are underdeveloped and backward today, owing to public officials soliciting and receiving bribes to undermind the strength and economic stability of Liberia. I am certain, you are educated and intelligent enough to read and pass judgment for yourself and in your own name absence been deceived and mislead by Mr. False Nationalist.

    Until the so-called sons and daughters of Liberia who designed and robbed Liberia and its residents are exposed and punished for the wrong they have done to Liberia and our people, Liberia will be backward and continue to live in poverty.

    The sanction and freeing of Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman properties and assets should be time out for every criminal-minded Liberians using their offices to steal from Liberia.

    If Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman and Sherman & Sherman did not bribe officials of the Government as charged by the United States of America, then he has no reason to cry.

    • A real big fool you are Frederick Jayweh. And then worst, an intellectually criminal silly billy. While readers are expecting a sane rejoinder from you to my rebuttal, you are there engaging in foolishness and stupidity.

      After I have disgraced you and exposed your idiocy and lies, you want to find cover by and through distracting readers from your being disgraced as A LIAR and A CHRONIC IDIOT!

      You foolishly believe you can do this by spewing your copious boredom about the Global Witness and Sable Mining case, and such chicken dungs as “money hustling and hunting impression to Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman“, followed by the rest of your stupidities about the December 8, 2020 electoral extravaganza.

      Mr. BLATANT LIAR AND DISGUSTNG IDIOT FREDERICK JAYWEH, readers expect you to advance a sound rejoinder to my authoritatively powerful rebuttal to your silly claim that it is impossible to have OFACS DECISION overturned, as if OFAC is some institution of last or final resort or its decision is some dogma or decree.

      • True Nationalist – It seems like you’re part of the criminal enterprise stealing from the country and causing Liberians to live in poverty and dying from curable diseases. It’s apparent you’re morally bankrupt. Liberia is dying and it’s horrible because of people like you.

    • I agree with Hney, Jayweh, that Varney Sherman has his day in court and judged by his peers including jurors from Bong Mines and Firestone workers’ unions. Even the Americans as stakeholders in this case should be doubly pleased with the outcome from such a hearing. Like Martin Luther King once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

      • Peter Gboyo, AKA Dempster Yallah,
        Cllr. Harry Varney G. Sherman, Liberia’s Corporate Attorney, the Attorney for LAC, LAMCO, Firestone Plantation Company, (FPCO), Firestone Liberia Inc, Bong Mining Company, (BMC), Principal Attorney to Mr. George Manneh Weah, while Criminal Minded CREATURE, False Nationalist and others hustlers looked on, the Attorney that shamelessly sold Liberia’s Diplomatic Passport by misleading Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the publicly indicted and disgraced Senator of Grand Cape Mount County, and the heartless man who would rather amend Liberia’s Concession and Mining Law to SELL Mount Wologisi for thirty (30) pieces of silver and anything else that have the sound of a US$, Cllr. Sherman, careless about Liberia and Liberia children’s future; and the Corporate and International Attorney recently caught by George Manneh Weah for attempting to change Liberia’s Law in his personal and client’s favor, Cllr. Harry Varney G. Sherman, has alway had his day in court and due process of law has always been accorded him.

        But, it has been and is Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman, Liberia’s shameless Corporate Attorney, who has always denied Liberia and Liberia’s children their future by selling Liberia CHEAP. And so God, the Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and everything that is good, has always disgraced and punished, Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman for shamelessly buying his way through life and building for himself, false and criminal images here and there. If Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s most corrupt Female President, could muster the courage to indict and arrest Cllr. Harry Varney G. Sherman and worked backward and forward to imprison Cllr. Sherman, what more day in court or due process of Law are you talking about? EVEN Mr. George Manneh Weah and his Government, overwhelmingly packed with criminals, wheelers and dealers, caught Cllr. Harry Varney G. Sherman and publicly disgraced him. Mr. Weah and his Government recently targeted, seized and froze Cllr. H. Varney G. Sherman’s ASSETS and Accounts in Liberia. God, will continue to beat and disgrace Cllr. Harry Varney G. Sherman in submission, as False Nationalist, Liberia’s SHIT-HEAD, helplessly looks on, powerless in his lies to help Cllr. Sherman.

        As long as Liberia sill have the Cllr. Harry Varney G. Sherman and Senseless Creature and SHIT-HEAD, False , Wheelers and dealers around, Liberia and our people are going nowhere.

        But you know, God has his own way to fight Liberia’s battle. Whether in life or in death, God will beat and disgrace Harry Varney Sherman and others publicly for his people.

        Soon and very soon the criminals and cold-hearted coutures we find in Liberia, shall be no more and the Republic of Liberia and residents will rise again. The Egyptians we are seeing coming after and Liberia and residents, we shall see no more.

        Presidents Samuel K. Doe and Charles G. Taylor came and went. And Liberia rose. And also, Mr. George Manneh Tarpeh Weah, CDC and ALL Criminal-Minds like False Nationalist, will come and go too. Liberia shall rise again.

  8. Correction:

    I agree with Hney, Jayweh, that Varney Sherman has his day in court and judged by a jury of his peers including jurors from Bong Mines and Firestone workers’ unions. Even the Americans as stakeholders in this case should be doubly pleased with the outcome from such a hearing. Like Martin Luther King once said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

  9. Senator Varney Sherman

    OFAC sanctions aren’t by any stretch a death sentence. After all, law practices can be rebuilt, financial losses recouped, and reputations restored: Trust in God.

    • If he ever step foot in America, he will be arrested and jailed pending prosecution. Varney Sherman is part of the criminal enterprise suffocating Liberia. The country will never be developed because Liberia is run by criminals like Sherman. The sanction will stay in place no matter who is President of the United States. This is good for the people of Liberia.


      For courts are on record for setting aside OFAC’s action! For over the years, especially under the incompetent Donald Trump cartel with a bunch of their so called white supremacy racists, most of OFAC’S DECISIONS against individuals and firms from countries which racist Trump referred to as shithole countries, have been either arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with the law!

      So, as one who is perfectly in the know of OFAC and its modus operandi, I am

      (1)supremely confident that with what Senator Sherman has publicly made clear that his reputation is devastated and he is vigorously ready to meet the foe with valor unpretending by inter alia providing evidence to remove his name from this OFAC’S sanction, as he believes that someone for some reason dropped his name at OFAC because of some reason and without OFAC reviewing, they placed his name on sanction list,” I

      (2)TRUE NATIONALIST can bet my life that Varney Sherman is going to beat all odds with OFAC regretting its arbitrary, and capricious actions, and abuse of discretion, all of which were of course, not in accordance with the law!

      That is besides my personal view that this Magnitsky Act is contrary to the principles of the United Nations and the general principles of law!

      This is the SAME case with the disputed and must criticized Passive Personal Principle (viz the five traditional bases of jurisdiction) a jurisprudentially unsound principle of jurisdiction which subjects an accused to a legal system with which he has no allegiance and to which his sovereign jurisdiction ( eg Liberian judicial system) owes no allegiance.

      In other words, this their Magnitsky Act which is only used against the weak but cannot be used when it involves US ECONOMIC INTERESTS as was the case with With Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia when the CIA discovered that he Prince Mohammad bib Salman ordered the slaughtering of Jamal Kashoggi in the Saudi Arabia Consulate in Turkey, is wicked foolish, and bias. WHY WAS THE MAGNITSKY ACT AND OFAC TRANQUILIZED???

      Varney Sherman like every other soul is not a saint! He has done absolutely nothing threatening to Americas national security or other national interests. He has absolutely no record on human rights offenses nor human rights violations. No court has ever convicted him for corruption! Or is Liberia a damn overseas territory of the USA, OR some dominon of the USA??? HELL NO!

      As we thunder forth earlier on, Varney Sherman is a veteran lawyer! And like many of us he is also aware, and he knows that the view or destiny of the life of any seasoned lawyer is framed by more disputation than any other in society.

      Hence, also a master class craft of the legal environment, the very God who made him a successful lawyer, shall bring him victory and have him Varney prove the world that he is innocent, and that what happened was that OFAC has simply carried out an arbitrary, and capricious actions, and abuse of discretion, all of which were of course, not in accordance with the law!

    • At age 88? Yeah right! Must be a true believer in the adage, “Better late than never.” All power to him and fellow believers as such.

      • So according to you a disputation as this takes 21 years. That is, according to you, in a disputation as this, the court or OFAC does not take into account THE LEGAL PROCEDURAL PRINCIPLES OF REPOSE, AND TIMELINESS, viz which procedures should provide timely decisions with a final resolution of the dispute made speedily? Well, they take into considerations those principles of law.

        Cllr. H.Varney Gboto Nambi Sherman, the Senior Senator for Grand Cape Mount County, and the Chairman of the Judiciary of the Liberian Senate is just 67 years old.

        Accordingly, considering what Senator Sherman has said and the current affairs and history of such litigations, final resolution in the Senator’s favor shall be reached in two or three years, or even less.

        Therefore, any wishful thinking that a final resolution of the dispute shall take 21 years, IS A MERE MIRAGE.

        • “…Therefore, any wishful thinking that a final resolution of the dispute shall take 21 years, IS A MERE MIRAGE.”-Dortu-Siboe Doe

          Your reference to “a mere mirage,” relative to my prior comment must be the real optical illusion or hallucination, as I never mentioned 21 years to resolve anything anywhere in my post. You better quit indulging whatever the intoxicant to remain the True Anarchist you are. Thank you.

          • Look Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, I am not the coward and hypocrite you are to be whatever other personality you are deceiving yourself I may be. I have been wrongly called several names as you are recklessly and wrongly deceiving yourself here. So of course with such buffoonery on your part not understanding what your own assertion entails (67 plus 21 is 88), proves your insanity and idiocy.

  10. James

    Senator Varney Sherman was in the U.S when the sanctions were announced, which suggests he isn’t a fugitive. Moreover, even though the Trump executive order has the force of law, the Judiciary Branch can declare it unconstitutional. Not to mention that few weeks after taking over, Biden can review in-force executive orders. The checks and balances dynamics here, vis-a-vis the three branches of government, are so potent that one branch doesn’t have absolute power.

    • Sylvester G. Moses, though 72yrs plus, he has always been and never been realistic and left alone ever nationalistic. Come to think about it, Mr. Moses has always been this way since he was Liberia’s Director of National Security (NSA) and Ministry of National Security (MNS); the days when many students and student leaders at UL, either having been tortured, disappeared or murdered in cold.blood at the hands of NSA Officers. What a shame!

    • This is not how it works out In America, If you commit any crime the federal government has a Judicious systems they will send you a citation to appear before an administrative judge for judgment. You mentioned that he was In America he was not a fugitives it does mean he was not a fugitives, what proof do you have that he was not,Mr. Varney Sherman is a career Criminal he has been defaulting older folks out of the hard earned retirement benefits from Firestone, Plantations co. Harbel, Liberia since he is the lawyer. That shit goes on third world country such as ours Liberia, when you commit a crime police can just walk into your home and arrest you.

  11. I strongly believed so-called Attny _Lawyer and Senator varney Sherman must have been Involved In some kind of crook deals for a long period of times now, I’m a living witness. My late father Mr. Joseph (Markayea) Mckarr who has had worked for Firestone Plantations,Harbel,Liberia for 42 unbroken years ,and retired January 24,1977,and passed away In his birth home In Tappita, Nimba county, Vahn town named after his late father. When it was time to give my late father joseph Gio( Markayea ) Mckarr death benefit and retired it brought up heated argument between me and Firestone Plantations management. John Samuels, Labor relations Manager presiding over the case refused to give my late father Joseph Mckarr death benefits and he Mr. Samuels told me and my brother George Mckarr we should seek legal actions thru Ministry of Labor and sports after preliminary investigation me and my brother George Mckarr won the case and so-called varney Sherman who is the company lawyer, Firestone Plantations company was directed to paid the death benefits and retired money to use, he and Mr. Samuels labor relations Manager at the time if he still worked for the company stating that money should be split one In U.S currencies and the others In Liberia currencies which has lesser value, both of them shared the money and we received lesser, I’m totally supportive of the United States government putting sanction on his business he should had been brought to America to be In jailed he’s a crook and greedy son of a bitch.This is what I loved about Laws in America nobody above the laws, when you are wrong the law dealt with you. I myself American citizen, what does it mean?

  12. “True Nationalist”, the paid agent of George Weah and his government, speaks from his ass but shit comes out of his mouth. Like his counterpart Sylvester Moses who was brought into Liberia by the late Kekura Kpoto, himself a Sierra Leonean turned Liberian, have always defended corrupt government officials in the Weah’s government. He and “True Nationalist” are both paid agents of the Weah’s government that have no loyalty to the country but are faithful believers and enablers of the Weah’s Kleptocratic government who, up to this writing, is yet to account for our 16 billion Liberian dollars that disappeared at the Freeport of Monrovia, and the 25 million USD of the people’s money that is also unaccounted for by said government.
    In all that their writings, they back criminals, blindly defend the government to justify their pay by insulting critics of the kleptocracy in the Weah’s administration.

  13. Uncle Sam, hold him tight. There should be no way of escape. Liberia cannot breathe with this rascal heading the Mafia in the Senate and the Liberian Judiciary. If you want to win a case which you do not deserve to win, you have to see Cllr. “Don Corleone” of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once the Mafia Boss approves, the “Cro-cro gee(tricks)” is then put into action. Don Corleone controls the Senate, the Supreme Court, and strategic parts of the Executive Mansion to get corrupt deals effected. “Uncle Sam”, hold him tight. He is your citizen, an American Liberian with two passports. He is more accountable to you than he is to the Liberian people. He initiated “Big Boy 1 and Big Boy 2” siphoning hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting Liberians into the Mafia’s coffers. Their operational tool, we are told is “Silence.” To break up the gang, America needs the FBI to take on this group. Liberia will never develop if Don Corleone is left to move freely. Thanks Uncle Sam, your rescue is timely, because if left with the Liberian police, Don Corleone will be set free.


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