Samukai’s Supporters Raise US$10K to Help with Restitution

Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie J. Samukai

Supporters of Brownie J. Samukai, Senator-elect of Lofa County, yesterday began the restitution of the over US$1 million, as ordered by the Courts, as fund misappropriated by him (Samukai) and two others who worked with him at the Ministry of Defense.

The group presented a United Bank for Africa (UBA) manager’s check of US$10,000 to Samukai’s lawyers for onward delivery to the Supreme Court and promised to do all in their power to raise enough money in order to meet the fifty percent threshold set by the Court to ensure he (Samukai) does not go to jail.

Galapa W. Kortimai, former Superintendent of Lofa County, led the group comprising predominantly residents from Lofa and delivered it to a Clerk for onward submission to the Court.

Kotimai said they, as citizens of Lofa County, have decided to help the former Defense Minister and Senator-elect of the County restitute his 50 percent share of the money he was hooked for by the court.

“We, the Friends of Samukai, the banner under which we are here at the grounds of the Supreme Court, have come to affirm our commitment to paying this money. There are lots of other contributions that have been made but, due to the challenges in our banking system, we were able to get this US$10,000,” he told journalists as he presented the check to Samukai’s lawyers for onward submission to the Court.

Mr. Samukai, Liberia’s longest-serving Defense Minister, along with Joseph F. Johnson, former Deputy Minister for Administration and J. Nyumah Dorkor, former Comptroller, were all found guilty in March 2020 but took an appeal to the Supreme Court, which upheld the ruling of the lower court.

Criminal Court ‘C’, Judge Yamie Gbeisay, sentenced Samukai and his deputy to two years imprisonment but with a condition to restitute US$1.3 million over a one-year period or risk jail sentence.

According to the Court’s report, Samukai is to restitute fifty percent, or US$382,000 to avoid spending two years in jail.

Kortimai said as citizens of Lofa County, they will stand by their Senator-elect, Samukai, to ensure he is certificated by the National Elections Commission and is installed in office.

The former superintendent noted that the US$10,000 presented to the court was collected from farmers, market women, motorcyclists and students from the Lofa county as well as others from other Counties in solidarity with Samukai.

“Lofa is bleeding because it is not fully represented at the Senate due to the delay in NEC certificating Samukai who was massively voted by the citizens to run the affairs of their county for the next nine years,” Kotimai said. “Some part of last month, we had a rally in which we collected this money that was presented to the court today,” he added.

He disclosed that similar amount will be paid to the court every week until they can satisfy the demand of the court.

Cllr. Rufus Wiefueh Sayeeh, one of Samukai’s lawyers, said their client is willing to pay the money, evidenced by the gesture of citizens of the county and, as such, the Court should see reason and prevail on the NEC to certificate Samukai.

Cllr. Sayeeh said that his client is law-abiding, more so demonstrated by the payment of the first amount to the court, and they are looking forward to completing the 50 percent requirement.


  1. Cllr. Rufus Wiefueh Sayeeh, such a ”peanut 0.1” percent of the amount to be restituted is absolutely no ”evidence” that Samukai has any intent to pay the money.

    So, trash that disinformation. That you a lawyer for your client would want the public to be fooled into believing that it is those poor supporters having the capacity to produce 10,000 US Dollars, when they can hardly feed themselves or send their kids to school is simply laughable, and proves Samukai thinks the government is joking.

  2. This is Africa where personal interest is above the country they ought to be loyal and obeisance to. Unlike for Liberia’s, if it was any well meaning country, all those that taking part to restitute this money could further be charged for aiding and abetting corruption.

    We need to allow justice to take it course. We as citizens we always shifting blames on our leaders for the underdevelopment of our country’s but these are the contributing factors. When we always in the light of fighting Justice as citizens, then we shouldn’t expect development, because justice is a key tool to development in any aspect of society. But when we allow personal interest, religion and tribal affiliation to overrun justice, then we will always remain a fail state. That’s why Africans always leaving their countries to seek greener pastures in Western countries whose sacrificially build their countries with pain, sorrows and heartbroken decisions.

    However it may be or whosoever name that may implies, justice need to takes it course; we need to begin somewhere. When harsh justice is implemented, it will surely scare any future government or private official to intensionally misappropriates entrusted funds or materials. When we continuously doing such a disgraceful thing as a country, we will continue to experience backwardness; because tomorrow someone else would wilfully misapplied entrusted fund or materials and subsequently depends on hardcore supporters to obstruct justice.

    Reasonably, by now Lofians should be thinking how to put their roads in order that is now on the verge of cutting off from the rest of the country instead of supporting corruption.

  3. Whichever way his supporters may try to bail him out of the trouble which he foolishly brought upon himself, Samukai seems to be headed for the slammer. If he miraculously avoids being imprisoned sooner or later, it seems that his hopes of representing the good people of Lofa may never ever come to fruition. Samukai has been abandoned by his friends (president Johnson-Sirleaf being one of them), in his time of need. The weak opposition political parties are unable to man up for the troubled Samukai. On an individual basis, one would think that “some” unnamed political leaders will offer some kind of help. But, that’s not the case because of extreme weakness on their part! To make matters worse, the stars refuse to align with Samukai.

    A Strategy Of Redemption:
    Money is being raised by his poor constituents in order to keep him away from the slammer. But at this critical point, it seems that the concept of raising money is a complete waste of time.

    Is Resignation Written In The Cards? Senator-elect Samukai does have limited options. If he chooses to resign, Samukai will undoubtedly encounter severe headwinds. Why? Because Samukai will be seen as being on his own. In other words, he will not sustain the support of the very people who voted for him. If Samukai “hangs in there”, his constituents will continue to be unrepresented in the Liberian Senate.

  4. I don’t see any reason why the Liberia Supreme Court had to blocked Samuka in the first place? This is a man who has lengthy corruption charges on him for embezzling over millions of dollar from the Arms Forces of Liberia while in office and still had pending charges on him going into the election. Why he was allowed by the same Liberia Supreme Court to contest in the first place? They shouldn’t have allowed him to stand on the Beloit because of his criminal record. Let him stay away from Liberia politics till his background is clear. Thanks


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