Samukai’s Certification Suffers Setback

Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie J. Samukai

-As Justice Minister, Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, writes NEC in support of Solicitor General’s recent letter

Contrary to the Senate’s recent request to Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to withdraw from the National Elections Commission Solicitor General Sayma Syrenius Cephus’s letter ordering that election body not to certificate Brownie J. Samukai, Senator-elect of Lofa County, Minister Dean has written the NEC reaffirming his support to the letter.

On Wednesday, February 17, Cllr. Cephus wrote the NEC, ordering that Samukai should not be certificated as Senator because he is a convicted criminal and has yet to satisfy the requirements under the law.

His letter to the NEC came after the Supreme Court, on February 8, upheld the Criminal Court “C” conviction of Samukai who served as former Defense Minister that under his stewardship over US$1 million of pension money belonging to members of the Armed Forces of Liberia was used contrary to the purpose for which it was intended. Samukai and his co-defendant, Joseph P. Johnson, former Deputy Defense Minister for Administration, and James Nyumah Dorkor, former comptroller of the Ministry of Defense are the convicts in this matter.

Cllr. Cephus’s action claimed the attention of the Senate, with Montserrado Senator, Darius Dillon, formally complaining to his colleagues in plenary that the Solicitor General’s action was against the law, citing that the NEC is independent of any influence from the Executive and as such, does not need any instruction from the Justice Ministry to act but the Supreme Court.

Both Cephus and his boss, Attorney General Musa Dean, appeared before the Plenary of the Senate and made their points known. Cephus relied on Section 3.23 of the New Elections Law for his action.

“We present our compliments, and consistent with Section 3.23 of the New Elections Law, herewith informs you of the attached final judgment of the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia, affirming the Judgment of Guilt against Messrs. J. Brownie Samukai, Joseph Johnson and Nyumah Dorkor, for the commission of the crimes of theft of property, misuse of public money and criminal conspiracy,” Justice Minister Dean’s letter said.

He added: “Further, may we inform you, that it is the law extant in our jurisdiction that any person convicted of a felony, committed in connection with his employment as a public servant, is disqualified from holding public office until the sentence is served and/or the satisfaction of any other penalty imposed.”

Cllr. Dean’s reliance was reposed in Penal Law, 41.CLR, title 26, section 50.12 (b) (1976) and 1986 Constitution of Liberia, Article 21 (j).

Senator-elect, Samukai declined to speak with the Daily Observer but referred us to his Lawyer only identified as Cllr. Fayiah, whose cell phone number remained off till press time.

However, River Gee County Senator, Conmany B. Wesseh, said the Coalition for Democratic Change’s (CDC) action is “deliberate and it is a targetted political action against Samukai and the people of Lofa.”

“Why is it the law they are using now was not in use ever since until now, after an election, won by a formidable opponent of the regime? I think this is unfair to our political system,” he said.


  1. We are confused here; is saying different thing, while analystliberia is saying another thing.

  2. So, the truth has come out that the Chief Prosecutor of Liberia was right from the get go anyway. Sebastin Gborboe Lehmie, why not tell us what analystliberia has told you? Please tell us. But Frontpageafrica is saying exactly what Daily Observer is telling us here.

  3. Liberians and Friends of Liberia,

    Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s “GREAT SATAN, is alive and well in Liberia. if should doubt me, please read the enclosed write-up.

    ‘Let’s prevent Ellen John Sirleaf from disgracing and erasing the homeland!

    Good morning comrades! Last night I had the time to speak with an insider of the Liberty Party. During my conversation with this individual, I pressed her on the evolving trend in the political landscape of Liberia. Gladly, she opened up and was very frank with me on several issues, including the factional battles in the CPP and how that decaying formation is not fit for purpose.

    I pressed her on the intrigues within the CPP and LP, as I know she is a sympathizer of Amara Konneh. My LP friend informed me that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is involved in every dangerous maneuvering in and out of the CPP. Like we have always rightly stated especially in our last piece on Ellen and her plan to determine who becomes president in 2023, Ellen’s preferred ticket is Cummings-Konneh, Konneh-Nyonblee or Cummings-Nyonblee. But she will go to every length to ensure the former happens. Boakai and Urey have been completely isolated, and the CPP will split in the middle.

    And Amara Konneh has a pocket in the Unity Party that will cross over to his camp once the split happens very soon. He said many of the folks in the UP who will switch sides are acutely aware of the scheme, and they know how advanced it is. And they have signed up for it. To advance the game plan, Ellen sent Musa Bility to the LP to stimulate the condition for the emergence of Konneh as the political leader of the Party. The role of Bility, according to him, is to execute the agenda of EJS. She is the one spending the money. Recently, EJS bought the pickup trucks for the Liberty Party immediately after the Kangaroo Congress that brought Bility to the Chairmanship of the party. She has even paid for a new party headquarters. The property is located between 17th and 19th Streets’ beach side.

    I asked her about Boakai’s game plan. She bluntly said the man has zero. That he is a lame duck and bereft of the capacity to understand the intrigues of Ellen Johnson and her parasitic lackeys. Even now Boakai is doing nothing to show he understands the forces arrayed against him and does not have even little appetite for a fight back in the event where he gets aware of the intrigue against him. So perhaps Urey might help Boakai to fight, as the old man is weak, politically illiterate, and lacking in personal charisma for any fight with Ellen. But how far can Urey go?

    My friend even told me Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is still cutting corners with the CDC elements although they have been discredited and the possibility for Weah to win the 2023 election is slim. But she has to keep herself in the good book of the CDC in order to shift pendulum if there were any form of resistance against her ploys in the CPP. Ellen is even determined to push Amara Konneh on the CDC. This time, Weah might agree as she has been using back channels to discredit the regime in the International community. This fear for Ellen’s so-called international contacts and the fear for losing the grips on power and being prosecuted for the wanton looting of the treasury would then force the hand of Weah to make a compromise with her.”

  4. The question is, how does such “logical political gaming and clientelism” help towards recovery of an ailing economy she bequeathed despite reportedly USD $16 billion in direct investments, and foreign aid? And not to talk of a new government inheriting 66 bogus concession agreements out of 68, yet tongue-tied as if it intended to squeeze money out of stone for funding the PPAD. Or are we even thinking of how any government in the next five years can drastically reduce hardships under these conditions? Frankly, our suffering people don’t give a crap about anyone’s political dexterity. They just want solutions to hellish hardships hauled upon them by unconscionable rascals.

    • Mr. Sylvester G. Moses,

      Liberia and our suffering people are facing these hellish conditions and untold hardships today because Mr. George Manneh Weah and his CDC-led Government have refused to indict and selflessly prosecute Financial and Economic Crimes in Liberia. Instead of complaining, why not encourage and admonish President Weah and his Government to revisit the Reports of the General Auditing Commission of Liberia, indict, prosecute, and recover Liberia’s stolen revenues and resources. Since President Weah and his Government inherited 66 out of a total of 68 concession agreements reported to be in violation of the laws of Liberia, what and who has stopped Mr. Weah and his Government from reviewing and rewriting those agreements for the good of Liberia?

      As long a President Weah and his Government are reportedly sold out to Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Sirleafs, President Weah and his Government will remarkably bring no real development and progress to Liberia and the lives of our people.

      Irrespective of status and who might be involved, President Weah and his Government need to swiftly indict, arrest, and prosecute Financial and Economic Crimes without fear and favor.

      Encourage Mr. Weah and his Government to put Liberia FRIST by setting up a National Asset Recovery Commission (NARC) and vest its members with the exclusive power to swiftly indict, arrest, and prosecute Financial and Economic Crimes in Liberia.

      Liberia’s Minister of Justice, Solicitor General, and County Attorney, being retained or former retained Counsels of so many of the people charged by Liberia’s GAC, they are professionally and morally unfit to review, indict, arrest, and prosecute Financial and Economic Crimes in Liberia, particularly Financial and Economic Crimes named and listed in Liberia’s GAC’s Reports.

  5. Beautiful conclusion, Mr. Moses!

    If I clamor over the rooftops of wanting to bring FIXES to my people and then take the first bait that comes my way, I become a lame dog; a dog that barks but does NOT bite!

    How can you earn the popularity of the Liberian people and then buy your way to the presidency?
    It explains why Weah can NEVER revise the 66 bogus concession deals. To date, those concession contracts directly benefit elites from the former ruling party and some members of the CDC.
    Weah signed unto the deal to never touch those contracts to get the presidency. He and some of his acolytes have meagre monthly shares from those contracts.

    Ellen is still the HNIC in Liberia!
    She controls the CDC and dictates their governmental actions. Whenever anyone is becoming a threat, like the 4 auditors, all they need to do is to give Weah a call to do the dirty job, if not they will all go down the drain and he (Weah) will take the blame because he’s the president.

    Do you think that beautiful woman we all like, called the international community, does not know how much to pump into the country as foreign direct investments? Did Ellen not receive the best awards from the them for good governance?

    We (ANC) do not benefit from the popularity Weah enjoyed. We want the presidency to truly help our country. To reach our goal, and if we cannot win over the electorates we envision, it would not be a bad idea to have a Boakai / Cummings or Cummings / Nyonblee or Cummings / Dillon or Cummings / Samukai or Cummings / Flomo Tokpa or Cummings / Gwaikolo’s ticket.

    The pro-Poor Agenda for the Development of Liberia became the pro-Pocket Agenda for the Pauperization of Liberia when Weah bought his way to the presidency.
    Nothing, absolutely nothing good Weah can offer Liberia but lime!

  6. Corrections:
    Do you think that beautiful woman we all like, called the international community, does not know how much they pumps into the country as foreign direct investments? Did Ellen not receive the best awards from them for good governance?


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