Sam Mannah Transferred to Nat’l Insurance Company

Executive Mansion press secretary Sam Mannah has been reappointed as deputy managing director for administration at the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia (NICOL).

Sam Mannah, a confidant as well as the press secretary to President George Weah, has been relieved of his post and reappointed as deputy managing director for administration at the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia (NICOL).

Prior to his appointment as presidential press secretary, Mannah worked in the USA at JPMorgan Chase Bank, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, and the Bank of America in different portfolios, according to information posted on his Facebook account.

NICOL is an autonomous government agency established by a decree of the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) in the 1980s as the sole property of the Liberian government for the purpose of undertaking and carrying out all classes of insurance business.

The president, according to the Executive Mansion website, commended Mannah for his service as press secretary since the inception of his administration and wished him well in his new portfolio.

Mr. Mannah came to the spotlight during the 2017 election by defending and propagating Weah’s message on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. He was among President Weah’s first batch of appointed officials.

But in August, Mannah was reportedly suspended for time indefinite, according to a local media outlet for boasting about his influence over the President and even writing most of the President’s speeches.

Following the newspaper’s publication of his suspension, Mannah wrote on his Facebook page: “Just thinking out loud. Since when did a press secretary shoulder the responsibility of writing letters on behalf of the president to other branches of government? Big difference between press secretary and an executive secretary. Furthermore, there’s a longstanding tradition within the executive and that tradition has not changed.”

Mannah, whose tenure at the Mansion was not without its share controversy, once published a commentary onthe Executive Mansion website titled, “The President does Not Need a Strategy to Lead.”

That commentary was in reaction to Alexander Cummings, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress, who made an assertion in June that President Weah was unfit to rule, and that his government does not have any strategy to improve the lives of the Liberian people.

Mannah said President Weah does not need a strategy to effectuate his robust governance plan to govern the Liberian people, because he is no stranger to the plights of the people.

In a related development, President Weah has made further appointments in government affecting the Board of the Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO), Ministry of Agriculture and the National AIDS Commission.

Those appointed, according to an Executive Mansion release, are LIPO’s Statutory Members of the Board, which include the ministries of Commerce and Industry; Finance and Development Planning; Education; Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism; Agriculture; Justice; and Health; as well as Cultural Ambassador Juli Endee, the Liberia Revenue Authority and Director General of the Intellectual Property Office.

New appointments at the Ministry of Agriculture include: Professor Robert Fagans, Deputy Minister for Planning and Research; Mrs. Precious Tetteh, Deputy Minister for Administration; and Ernest Clarke, Assistant Minister for Administration.

At the National AIDS Commission, the President also appointed Theodosia Slewion Kolee, Chairperson and Yeanen Brewer Nyaen, Commissioner for Decentralization.

According to the release, these appointments are subject to confirmation by the Senate where applicable.



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