Sam Brown’s Plan B: Investment In Agriculture

Some of rice harvested from Samuel Brown's farm were milled and bagged for distribution to vulnerable people.

One of Nimba County’s defeated candidates for representative in the recent  elections, Samuel N. Brown, is pivoting (turning)  his full attention to agriculture and is urging his friends to follow suit.

Brown contested in Nimba County electoral district #1, but lost narrowly to the incumbent, Representative Jeremiah K. Koung.

Speaking at the harvest of his rice farm in Nimba County recently , Brown said it is time that Liberians get back to the soil to produce their own food and stop the dependency syndrome of relying on other countries.

Brown reminded the citizens, his colleagues, ‘and all those who lost the election’ that Liberia is rich in natural resources, “and the soil is so rich for any crop to be planted.”

He said he cultivated several hectares of rice last year and this year he will be extending or increasing the size of the farm in order to produce more food.

“Let’s get back to the soil and get ourselves self sufficient in food production and stop the importation of rice, which is our staple food,” he said.

“Besides this rice farm, I am also cultivating palm, where several people are working to sustain themselves.”

Despite his loss, Brown continues to fulfill most of his campaign promises in the county.He told reporters that he will support President Weah in all his endeavors in order make the country self reliant in everything, and urged his friends to follow suit.


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