The Salvation Army Polytechnic Graduates First Batch of Students

First batch of graduates from The Salvation Army Polytechnic in Monrovia.

The Salvation Army Polytechnic, (T-SAP) Liberia chapter, on Friday, April 30, 2021, put out its first batch of graduates since it was officially launched as flagship minds molding academic institution in Liberia.

The Polytechnic was launched on November 22, 2018 by the Commissioner Birgitte Brekke-Clifton, International Secretary for Program Resources, the Salvation Army International Headquarters, London, United Kingdom and Liberia.

The Polytechnic over the weekend awarded Associate Degrees to 19 students from its Engineering Department while 20 were awarded certificates from the T-VET Departments.

The Salvation Army Polytechnic currently runs Associate Degree and vocational training programs.

The Polytechnic, which is expected to run a BSc program pending a permit from the National Commission on Higher Education, also encourages students to return for their BSc program.

Currently, T-SAP is providing training in the following departments: Engineering College, Business College, the College of Health Sciences, the College of Education and Technology, the College of Integrated Agriculture and Sustainable Development studies and the Technical Vocational Education (TVET) program.

Accordingly, the Engineering College consists of four departments namely: Electrical, Electronics, Automotive and Building construction; while the Business College comprises seven departments including, Procurement and Contract Management, Accounting, Hotel and Tourism Management, Public Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Economics.

Expounding on the different departments, the President of the Polytechnic, Dr. Emmanuel Urey, indicated that graduates are prepared in the following disciplines including Electrical Engineering, Building Construction, Procurement and Electronics Engineering. Certificated by the T-VET Department, 11 graduated from the Plumbing Department, six from Electricity Department, two from the Electronics Department, and another two from Auto Mechanics Department.

The graduation ceremony, which took place on 17th Street at the Salvation Army Liberia Command Headquarters Rooftop Hall, brought together high profile officials including, Gesler Murray, Minister of Mines and Energy; Lieut. Col. Samuel Mkami, officer Commanding/Head of Mission, among others.

Addressing the graduates, Dr. Urey urged the graduates to be humble and demonstrate the true representation of the school in the public.

“You are graduating in different fields of study and T-SAP has prepared each of you technically, academically, and morally with a discipline center on our education with integrity principle. This principle has a goal of applying education with the ingredients of integrity that leads to the creation of a wholesome society where people are treated fairly with human dignity and respect, despite their economic, political, religious, or tribal status in society,” Mr. Urey admonished graduates.

However, the Commencement speaker, Mines Energy Minister Murray urged the graduates to represent the college in the job market.

Minister Murray, who was awarded the Polytechnic’s highest honor for hard work and dedication to Liberia, gave US$500 as his initial contribution to the Engineering department.

Meanwhile, though the government has provided free official public school education from the primary level, the Minister also disclosed that the lack of adequate facilities creates serious challenges that still need to be looked at by the central government. According to Minister Murray, stakeholders need to rethink or redefine education in Liberia.


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