Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center Unable to Feed Patients

Mr. Peter Wonokay, Administrator SCHC in Nimba

As Administrator wants hospital status

The Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center in Saclepea City, Nimba County lacks sufficient money to run the center that it is unable to feed patients that visit the center, according to an official.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Saclepea at the end of the Peace and Reconciliation Conference held by the office of Rep. Roger S. W. Y. Domah, the administrator Mr. Peter Wonokay said there is a serious budget shortfall at the health center, which has led to the center’s inability to feed patients.

“We cut down the feeding aspect of the health center because we do not have the money now to meet up with all the expenditures, including feeding, purchasing of drugs, and vehicle maintenance, among others,” he said.

Mr. Wonokay added that all the vehicles under the operation of the health center have been grounded a few months ago, that is imposing hardship on the effective running of the centrally located health center.

The Seclepea Comprehensive Health Center was built by MSF, during the influx of refugees from the Mano River Basin, (Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Sierra Leone).

Since the departure of MSF and repatriation of nearly all the refugees to their respective countries, the health center has been under the operation of the Government of Liberia, where medical doctors have always been taking an assignment.

Partial view of SCHC

The health center also has an area to treat Lassa Fever, a contagious disease. It is also where most of the rape victims in Nimba are taken for treatment.

Mr. Wonokay believed that all of these shortages are happening because the center’s budget is not enough to an effective health center.

He said there is a need for the health center to be elevated to a hospital status because it has the population and theater that other hospitals have.

“The population we served here is large enough to deserve the center being a hospital,” he said.

He explained that the Comprehensive Health Center has the catchment population of 25,000 and besides they are reaching other communities as far as Yarwin Mensonnon and surrounding districts.

“We refer more surgical cases to Ganta and other places daily and when the road is bad it becomes a hindrance to the transportation of patients,” he said.

Saclepea is about 40 kilometers from Ganta and 60 kilometers from the Jackson Fiah Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita, but its central location makes it very strategic to providing a quick medical services, especially for those coming from the central and the eastern region of Nimba.


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