RYHF Promises More Scholarships

Alexander Ireland, country director of Raise Your Hand Foundation .jpg

The hopes of many underprivileged students to attain a university education may be realized thanks to a local non-governmental organization (NGO) making efforts for that to happen.

The NGO, Raise Your Hand Foundation (RYHF), has promised to provide more scholarships for Liberian students who want to study Agriculture, Nursing, Social Work and General Sciences just to name a few.

At a recent press conference in Monrovia, the Country Director of RYHF, Alexander Ireland, said the objective of the scholarship program is to provide educational opportunities for students without the means to enrol in any of the country’s institutions of higher learning.

Mr. Ireland indicated that scholarship fees from his organization would be paid directly into the account of any of the successful applicants. He also pointed out that the scholarship program would be fair and transparent as it would be applied online.

Mr. Ireland detailed, “All we need from the students is a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0, which automatically qualifies any student for our program.”

“Currently,” he said, “the RYHF has 75 students attending various universities benefitting from the scholarship program.”

Mr. Ireland furthered that the program would be widening to cater to more students across the country regardless of their social standing or location; falling in line with his organizations’ belief in building the capacity of all young Liberian’s.

“RYHF is meeting students in their respective communities and sharing ideas with them regarding their academic and emotional situations. We are doing this through the development of peer and professional tutoring programs for all ages,” he explained.

Mr. Ireland also took the opportunity to acknowledge the recent honor bestowed upon him and his organization by the management of the Daily Observer as the “People’s Choice Person of the Year for 2013.”

The RYHF’s recommendation for the Daily Observer newspaper’s prestigious 2013 Award was made by members of the public that followed its activities over the years.


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