Rwanda to Support Invention of Liberian Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh-Chris Nyan

(L-R) Col. Dr. Jean Paul Bitega, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, M.D., Col. Dr. Alex Butera, and Lt. Col. Dr. Pacifique Mugenzi at the Rwanda Military Hospital

The government of the Republic of Rwanda through the Rwanda Military Hospital (RMH) has offered support for the ground-breaking invention of Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan, a renowned scientist and medical doctor from Liberia. The disclosure was made recently by hospital authorities at the end of Dr. Nyan’s presentation of his Multiplex Infections Diagnostic Test and lecture held at the RMH.

The lecture which was organized by the Rwanda Military Hospital brought in attendance military as well as civilian doctors, nurses, laboratory personnel, and other healthcare workers. During the just ended 2018 African Innovation Summit held in Kigali, Dr. Nyan’s infections diagnostic test (The Nyan-Test) was exhibited as one of Top 50 Innovations in Africa. The Nyan-Test was selected from over 600 submissions.

Speaking at the event, Col. Prof. Dr. Alex Butera, Head of Orthopedic Surgery and Deputy Commander of the Rwanda Military Hospital, applauded Dr. Nyan for his work and “inspiring presentation.” He then stated that, “Rwanda will support your innovation with resources, because you [Dr. Nyan] have a vision and passion for Africa and a solution that is needed not only for Africa, but is also needed for the world.”

Colonel Dr. Jean Paul Bitega, Chief Commandant of the Rwanda Military Hospital also lauded Dr. Nyan, saying: “you [Dr. Nyan] have a heart for the ordinary people and you proved to be a problem solver. This is what Africa needs. So, we will work with you on your invention, because it will benefit everybody. This is what His Excellency President Paul Kagame likes; he likes people who are problem solvers,” Dr. Bitega mentioned.

An email dated June 14, 2018 from Lt. Col. Dr. Fabien Ntaganda, Head of Diagnostics and Pathology of the Rwanda Military Hospital said, “We will be glad to have you [Dr. Nyan] in Rwanda.”

The NIH-trained scientist, Dr. Nyan, was then taken on a tour of the hospital and clinical laboratory facility. Discussions are currently in process to work out details of the support to be provided to Dr. Nyan and his team at Shufflex Biomed.

“I heartily accept the offer of support extended to me and Shufflex Biomed (through you) from the government and the hospitable people of Rwanda to continue my scientific work in your country. This is a demonstration of the pan-Africanist and humanist spirit of His Excellency President Paul Kagame and the people of Rwanda. As an African, I feel at home anywhere in Africa. So in Rwanda, I am also at home,” responded Dr. Nyan.

Dr. Nyan’s invention is a single test that rapidly detects and distinguishes a host of different infections, at least 3 to 7 infections simultaneously. The test also distinguishes multiple infections which bear the same symptoms, for example yellow fever, malaria, typhoid or Ebola. The test detects and identifies HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis viruses, Dengue, West Nile Virus, and Chikungunya. Most testing methods take about 3 hours to 7 days or more, but this device gives test results within an hour, is simple to perform, and cost-effective for struggling economies. This new invention could prove to be revolutionary in the African and global markets, and provide a significant step in the detection and management of infectious diseases everywhere.

The innovation has been recognized across the globe with Rwanda being the first country on the African continent to take practical steps in establishing partnership with Shufflex Biomed and offer resources in support of Dr. Nyan’s innovation.

Meanwhile in Kenya, Dr. Nyan also established collaborations with scientists at the Department of Infectious Diseases, Diagnostic and Pathology of the Institute for Primate Research located in the Kenyan Capital, Nairobi.

“I would like to thank the African Innovation Foundation and African Innovation Summit. And, a special thanks to my AIS-2018 Student-Assistants here in Kigali, Christaine Umutoni and Janet Kayesu, as well as Mr. Livingston, all of whom were very instrumental in connecting me with the government and hospital authorities. Above all, I want to thank the Almighty God for this glorious opportunity that is enabling me to continue on the path of helping the neglected people of Africa and the world,” concluded Dr. Nyan.


  1. The brain-drain in Liberia continues unabated!!!!

    Rwanda, like Liberia, went through a traumatic period. Both countries’ economies were devastated by civil conflicts. Over the last 25 years, Rwanda has surpassed Liberia in terms of economic development. Statistics (key economic indicators) show that Rwanda has prioritized higher education, infrastructure development, and health care development. Between 2004 and 2010 Rwanda had an average annual growth of around 8%. Liberian leaders need to work hard on a short term and long term economic growth strategy to catch up with Rwanda.

    Recently, many international conferences were held in Kigali, the Rwandan capital, where they promoted economic growth, medicine, science and technology. Rwanda President, Paul Kagame, and his team of military doctors at Rwanda Military Hospital have partnered with Dr. Nyan, a Liberian Medical Scientist, for the usage of his infections diagnostic test (The Nyan-Test) after Dr. Nyan’ s outstanding presentation of his invention.

    Other progressive African countries are taking advantage of Liberia’s brain-drain in the Diaspora while our lawmakers are still rambling over whether to give dual citizenship to our fellow Liberians living in the Diaspora…many of whom are doctors, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, agriculturists, professors, soccer stars, musicians, and many more useful occupations not mentioned due to time and space constraints.

    How can we rebuild Liberia when Liberian professionals, like Dr. Nyan, and other highly skilled Liberians living overseas are not given national incentives (not monetary): An Office responsible for Overseas Liberians (eg: within The Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to help facilitate Overseas Liberians returning to join the workforce, or even facilitate them in re-assimilating in Liberia. This is not too different from the Office that Reintegrates Displaced Liberian Refugees.

    Unlike Liberia, with no office or national network to coordinate Returning Overseas Liberians back to Liberia, China is making good use of their vast Overseas Chinese population. China has an independent office for Overseas Chinese Affairs both in the Central Government and many provincial offices for Returning Overseas Chinese. The Office for Overseas Chinese Affairs recruits talented Chinese living in the Diaspora, and it helps facilitate or acts as a liaison for those Overseas Chinese returning to settle in China.

    No wonder why China is developing so rapidly since I last visited China in 1982 when the late
    Dr. George Toe Washing was Liberia’s Ambassador to China.

    If we don’t come up with a national plan to utilize Liberia’s scientist, like Dr. Nyan, and other talented Liberians living in the Diaspora, countries in the West, and other African countries like Rwanda, that already has a pool of talents from the Diaspora, will reap the benefit of Liberia’s brain-drain.

      • Rwanda has leaders how are very innovative and have Country at heart. Paul Kigame is also a no non-sense man when it comes to corruption. He can send his angels behind you even in London, New York and Johannesburg to take you down once you want to steal from Rwanda or cause mayhem. Liberia on the side, love this stealing business.

        Do you see any Country in Africa that is using USD as a circular currency on their market? I think no! Only impoverished short-sighted Liberia does that just for the ones in power to be able to steal the USD and buy properties over-sea.

        Why you think our government up to now had not made any effort to call Dr. Nyan to come home and assist in training our medical personals and improved our research?

        What Paul Kigame is doing now in Rwanda does not cause that much money, and will help also help to improved their medical Doctors, Nurses and medical students know-how to fight diseases.

        This is what intelligent leaders do, instead of sending few students over sea who infact might not return home, he bringing people Like Dr. Nyan with the best minds to enlighten his people right in their own backyard without any stress. I salute Paul Kigame as a great Stateman of our time, because he loves education so much and promote it as well!

  2. Thanks to Dr Nyan. May God bless you and improve your knowledge.
    Glad to have you as africa problem solver and hope all africa will support your invention like Rwanda.

  3. Why not Rwanda for Dr, Nyan?

    Foremost, we applaud Dr. Nyan for his ingenuity; your Visionary Invention has brought recognition to Liberia, as an African nation….(in good light) and African Intellectual abilities….You are our Idol, Dr. Nyan.

    Now back to Liberia: We should not view Rwanda’s decision categorically as “Brain Drain” for Liberia; Rwanda must be commended for the nation’s government (President Paul Kigame) insight, not for Dr. Nyan or Rwanda only, but for Humanity!!!! This is Leadership with Vision!!!!! Liberia has no VISION for our homeland, Africans or Humanity given the Leaderships enshrined in Corruption, Criminality, Personal Interests, Violence, Lawlessness, etc.. There is no room, whatsoever, for ingenuity in Liberia, especially under the current government of President George Manneh Weah, whose agenda is to protect and promote the status quo. (Let me breath).

    Thank God Almighty for President Kigame, the People of Rwanda and Dr. Nyan for this noble Milestone; you deserve recognition and AWARDS….such as and beyond what was given to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently…..for what? (Inciting rebellion and corruption in Liberia, I guess).

    Shame on Liberia and President George Manneh Weah!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much Dr. Nyan for the invention and support to ease medical difficulties in Africa and the world. As a country Liberia we are proud of you!!!!

  5. I once wrote: Science cannot be falsified, the development of science has improved medicine, food, transportation and has contributed to the longevity of man’s life span. Science has also being used by great powers as a political tools for BULLYING developing countries.

    I m member of the Student Scientific Community here in Australia (SSCA), of foreign students at the University of Sydney. In this community, one can count the amount of African students. 75% of the total number are Asians. We African are still lacking behind in scientific progress. Mr. Dugbeh Nyehn is just a drop in the bucket as compare to those Africans studying political science.

    Fellow Liberians, we been selling our golds, diamonds, iron ore, rubber and all our natural resources and taking loan, importing engineers, doctors and other technocrats to built our roads and bridges. We have paid them in high currency, leaving us poor and poor. We have carried on this circle over and over and over.

  6. Thanks to the people of Rwanda for such a great step taken so far. I do remember, 2 years ago under the leadership of President Sirleaf, Dr Nyan was invited to Liberia as July 26 national orator. Doing said visit, Dr. Nyan disclosed his invention to President Sirleaf and the government of Liberia only for the Sirleaf led government to downplayed his invention. Look at what Rwanda is doing now. Which is a great step in solving medical challenges in Africa and the world at large. Where is Liberia in this process?President Weah needs to join Rwanda in marketing this invention in order to solve medical challenges in Africa and the world..


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