Rural Women Want Weah and Jewel Settle ‘Differences’     

Ma Kebbeh (r) and Madam Kai at media forum.

The Liberia National Rural Women (LNRW) with membership throughout the 15 counties have called on President George Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to settle their “in-house political differences and move on with the country’s development agenda.”

The total number of rural women in the 15 counties is 77,100.

LNRW at a news conference in Monrovia on Wednesday, December 5, said the Pro-Poor Agenda cannot be successful if peace and unity are lacking among the heads of the country.

Ma Kebbeh Mongar, LNRW National President, said recent reports in the media concerning a rift between the President and his Vice President is not a good sign for a developing country like Liberia which has suffered 14 years of brutal civil wars and a two-year deadly Ebola outbreak.

Ma Kbbeh said a nation that is divided against itself cannot develop, so if the CDC-led government wants to lift Liberians out of poverty, its officials must work together peacefully, but not with division as it has been speculated.

“I just want to tell our President and the Vice President that if there is a problem between them, it will be important to sit on a roundtable to find common ground, instead of them being in the media. We want peace among our officials, because if we (women) hear that confusion exists  among our leaders, it brings fear to us, “Ma Kebbeh said.

She said President Weah has many priorities that include roads, agriculture, youth, women empowerment, and education that need key attention in consultation with the Vice President rather than fussing among themselves.

She said if the President and Vice President are working with one voice, the government will easily achieve its developmental goals, and LNRW will work in line with them to improve the agriculture sector by producing a large rice farm that will help the country become a food secured nation.

LNRW National Secretary General, Madam Retha W. Kai, said a time for political differences is over, but now is the time for everyone to work together for the common good of the country.

Madam Kai added, “Today, God blessed us to elect our son as the president and our daughter as vice president; even in the home, we have the mother and the father; so we expect peace from them not confusion.”

She said the rural women are concerned, because Liberian women are not turtles to born children and allowed them to struggle on their own. Rather, their duty is to guide them to succeed.


  1. LNRW you are naive if you think Weah and his vice president care about Liberia. they are two power hungry jerks who worry about their own narcissistic tendencies rather than the needs of the nation. when jewel went to power she redesigned her office at a cost of $30,000. both weah and jewel travel with huge entourages who are paid per diem. Power is misleading. Liberia is about to go to war soon because the youth will not idly stand by unemployed. TELL ME ONE THING WEAH HAS DONE


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