Rural Roads Must Be Given Urgent Attention


    As the Public Works Ministry focuses its attention to Ebola virus, farmers and businesspeople say the road entity must give urgent priority to deplorable road conditions nationwide.

    At the moment, the highway between Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties has for the past two weeks been cut off from commercial and public service vehicles.

    On top of the deplorable road nightmare, international aid agencies and non-governmental organizations and private entities continue to complain of the road conditions in the Southeast. 

    With the gradual and steady decline in the Ebola virus  Disease spread in Liberia, it could be great and good for the Public Works Ministry’s staff to awake and embark on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the nation’s road network.

    Regrettably, in Monrovia, Public Works Minister Dr. Antoinette Weeks and principal deputies continue to make endless planning and preparations while Liberians, non-governmental organizations and other public service transport providers endure hardships along the nation’s highways.

    Hundreds of Liberian and foreign businesspeople from the Grand Gedeh County end have been stranded with critically needed goods and services intended for the urban markets in Liberia.

    Amongst stranded commuters and businesspeople is a senior reporter/producer, Jacob Pailey of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) on the Grand Gedeh side of the highway in Southeastern Liberia.

    Some of the businesspeople and commuters who spoke to the LBS reporter expressed grave concern over the deplorable conditions of the highway.

    “We have expressed our sentiments and plight on many occasions about conditions of roads in Liberia but, such complaints have fallen on deaf  ears and we continue to suffer on our highways every year,” he quoted businesspeople as saying.

    The businesspeople and commuters also pointed out that assurances from Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara Konneh, for better roads in Liberia should be translated into practical actions through rehabilitating the deplorable roads.

    Early last week, Minister Konneh told a well-attended press conference in Monrovia that support partners and the Liberian Government are committed to rehabilitation and reconstruction of Liberia’s deplorable roads in 2014.

    “Access to better roads,  especially feeder roads, is indeed critical to the overall development, growth and progress of the Liberian economy through boosting  trade, commerce and business interactions,” businesspeople pleaded.

    For their part, rural farmers especially those residing in the feeder roads’ communities called on the staff of the Public Works Ministry to design new strategies that would enhance the movement of goods and services in  Liberia.

    “Since, the MPW staff did not do pre-Ebola virus preparations, some concrete mechanisms should be put in place for the nation’s road network as post-Ebola trend approaches in the country,” the farmers stressed.


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