Just day to the holding of the November 7 runoff election, the Supreme Court has ordered the cancellation of the process, pending an investigation into allegation of gross irregularities and frauds arising from the conduct of the October 10 presidential and legislative by the Liberty Party (LP).

Reading the joint decision of the five-panel justices yesterday, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor said, “the alternative writ of prohibition ordered issued by Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, Justice in Chamber, is upheld and sustained, and the peremptory writ of prohibition requested by the LP is hereby granted.”

As for the National Elections Commission (NEC), Justice Korkpor stated, “NEC is estopped and prohibited from conducting the runoff election, until the complaints filed by the LP are investigated by the NEC, and if need be the party appeal process to the Supreme Court is availed of and the matter is decided by the court.”

Concluding, the chief justice emphasized by saying, “because of the critical nature of the complaints, subject of the petition proceedings, and its implication on the governance of the nation, the NEC is directed to give urgent attention to the expeditious hearing and determination.”



  1. This sounds ridiculous and dangerous. The Court should have indicated a definite deadline for NEC to complete its investigation and reschedule the Run Off. The Liberian people do not need another Interim Government and certainly do not want to see Ellen Sirleaf remain in power one minute after her term expires. One hopes that the Supreme Court has not made the cure much worse than the disease.

  2. Total agreement Kortowah. It appears that both NEC and the Supreme minds, under rate the magnitude of the problem. One thing certain though, people will react in a not too long distance.
    Identifying the problem as predicated on a determination by NEC to Brumskine’s compliant(s); why not mandate a time frame ?
    Come on people ! We are too old for games.

  3. Why was it necessary to have international observation of the election when in fact their view of the election,with few irregularities ,was fair? Under whose watch and what conditions are we going to have the “fair election”? Will we ever have an election in Liberia wherein all twenty or more parties will agree on the result? We know that government is the easiest and the fasted way and place to steal and get rich overnight.Those who miss up on that opportunity will cry foul.God Almighty have mercy on Liberia and in that own ways get rid of those who want to continue blood share there,for she was founded on peace- loving principles and for peace loving people.

  4. Wow, it took the Supreme Court (SC) more than 2 weeks just to tell the NEC to give “urgent attention” to Mr. Brumskine’s complaint? Imagine how long it will take them (SC) when the NEC eventually dismisses Mr. Brumskine complaint, and he (Brumskine) appeal the NEC decision to the Supreme Court? By the time it is all sorted out, Madame Sirleaf’s term in office will have expired.

    The incompetence of the NEC and the SC will throw our country in chaos!

  5. Ellen is playing the Liberian people.It is so sad to have people who clam to be more educated than their oponent to be a big FOOLS,IDIOTS,and MORONS. Brumskine and his group needs to get over it and moved on for the love and peace of his country that he love.There is nothing there he needs to proved.

  6. The late Soviet Leader, Nikita Khrushchev once said, “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge where there is no river.”

    Cllr. Brumskine made all his illustrious promises to fix Liberia but he still came in distant 3rd in the Oct. 10th election. Now, his refusal to acknowledge defeat has opened a Pandora box: this unwarranted lawsuit is going to put Liberia’s peaceful transfer of power in a Constitutional crisis.

    The probability of Cllr. Brumskine garnering enough votes to enter the runoff, even if NEC redo the presidential election, is very, very slim. However, he continues to make his followers believe that he was cheated even though there were 20 candidates vying for the same presidential post.

    NEC is totally responsible for this quagmire. NEC had the opportunity of looking into Cllr Brumkine’s initial complaint before scheduling the Nov. 7th runoff. Their refusal to do due diligence allowed the “political football” to reach the Supreme Court. The “political football” reaching the Supreme Court only kept Liberians in suspense. It consumed run-off election time and money only to see the Supreme Court tossed the ball back to NEC thus creating political uncertainties.

    Cllr. Brumskine fails to realize as one anonymous philosopher said, “The justification of majority rule in politics is not to be found in its ethical superiority.” Yes indeed, there were some irregularities, some fraud, and poor preparation by NEC. However, this does not justify a reason to cancel the entire election just for political expediency or to please someone’s ego. What will be Cllr Brumskine’s next move in case NEC finds his complaints insufficient to nullify the Oct. 10th election? Will he pass the political football back to the Supreme Court?

    If this mess isn’t resolved expeditiously, we will see protracted election lawsuits in the making!!!!

  7. The NEC should do what the Supreme court says in its ruling and get it over with as soon as possible. There was no fraud as we all know. But the NEC should make that conclusion depending on its investigation.


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