Ruling Party Constitutes Taskforce against Coronavirus

CDC Chairman, Mulbah Morlu: “Let’s remain hopeful, knowing that the man we elected President will not fail the mandate entrusted to his charge."

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) through its National Executive Committee has constituted a 20-person ‘Special Taskforce’ to fight the Coronavirus disease.

According to a press statement issued in Monrovia under the signature of the National Chairman, Mulbah Morlu, the formation of the Taskforce is premised on the CDC’s recognition of the need for a collective and unified national action to bolster government’s efforts in keeping the Liberian people safe, secured, and healthy- a priority that neutralizes all forms of politics and division.

“Commissioned to help coordinate services to all Liberians (nationwide) during this period and until the country is officially declared Coronavirus-free, the task force has already begun the free distribution of buckets, chlorine (powder), face masks, gloves, hand soap, hand sanitizers, disinfectants (wipes, gels) and paper towel,” Chairman Morlu said.

Morlu said accompanying the distribution plan is a thorough awareness campaign to inform, educate communities on how Covid-19 can be contained, prevented and exterminated in the shortest possible time when the MOH’s published health & hygiene measures are observed.

He intimated that the taskforce will accelerate this effort in all fifteen counties, working with and utilizing the services of small units of the CDC district & zonal structures nationwide, churches, mosques, and educational facilities.

The CDC will on Tuesday commence a ‘24-hours prevent COVID-19’ information helpline to bolster the government efforts in curbing the misinformation surrounding the virus spread, awareness on its prevention, using Whatapps, mobile phone hotlines, and the CDC-TV Platform.

Meanwhile, the Taskforce will be Chaired by Ernest J. Clarke and Co-Chaired by Alexander Saydee, as the committee functions under the supervision of the party’s ‘rural empowerment and assistance program, headed by Montserrado County Electoral District $5 Representative Thomas P. Fallah.

“As the Taskforce hits the ground running consistent with the President’s lauded first steps to rid Liberia of Covid-19, the National Executive Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change, considering Coronavirus a public enemy #1; calls on all members of the Coalition and leaders and members of opposition political parties, religious groupings, and all Liberians to unite as a united front to exterminate this existential threat to our national security,” he concludes.


  1. The $15m that came from WHO to help combat the virus is now underway to be stolen because the main purpose of this task force is to make sure the money is well spent and knowing what they are capable of doing without any audit, like what they did in the $25m sega, they will definitely pocket good amount from this money. This is their chopping time and they will chopped.


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