Ruling in Gospel Musician Cassell’s Property Saga Set for Feb. 26


At long last, Judge Vinton Holder of the Monthly and Probate Court for Montserrado County has issued a date for judgment to decide who is the legitimate holder of the double letters of administration issued from his court to manage the affairs of the Intestate Estate of the Late Edward F. Cassell.

Judge Holder has scheduled his ruling for February 26.

The court’s first letter of administration was issued to one George Popeh, believed to be the biological brother of the deceased, who had allegedly written a legal power of attorney on February 19, 2020 for George to administer the affairs of his Intestate Estate, before Cassell’s death on April 6, 2020.

That document later got the endorsement of the Monthly and Probate Court for Montserrado County and was subsequently registered with the National Archives in 2019, prior to Cassell’s death.

However, the same court endorsed another letter of administration claimed to be issued to the Liberian Gospel Ambassador and wife to the late Cassell, Madam Marron Cassell, who lives in the United States and was registered by the Archives on June 30, 2020.

Marron Cassell is now in Liberia, though she has not been here to testify about the legitimacy of her late husband, Edward Cassell, since the case started in June 2020.

Madam Cassell claimed that two persons including Johnson and Duval Cassell were given the authorization to file the case on her behalf.

Johnson and Cassell, through their legal team, the Law Office of the Clark and Associates, based upon the letter of administration, filed the lawsuit against Popeh.

In the suit, the law firm representing Marron requested Popei to account to the administration of the Intestate Estate of the late Edward Cassell, further arguing that Popei is a tenant within the Late Edward Cassell’s compound, situated in the City of Paynesville. Contrary to being a tenant, the suit noted that he took over the properties of the deceased and is administering it without any authority but claiming to be the Attorney-In-Fact of the deceased.

In a counterargument, Popeh’s legal team, the Cooperative Law Firm, said the Clark’s law firm petitioned the court for a letter of administration on April 8, 2020, barely two days after Cassell died, and the letter of administration was issued on April 9, 2020 while the body of the deceased was still at the Alfred Butler’s Funeral Parlor.

They also argued that the case should be dismissed, because of their claim that it was marred by fraud and irregularities. The law firm said Marron’s complaint against Popei was filed on June 25, 2020, while the letter of administration was still at the National Archives for Registration.

They also argued that when the Clark law firm filed the complaint to the court against Popei, the letter of administration was never part of their case before the court, meaning, the letter of administration found its way in the court document after the complaint was filed.

“The letter of administration claimed to be issued to Marron, who resides in the U.S., was registered by the Archives on June 30, 2020, while her complaint was filed on June 25, 2020. Yet, the letter of administration, which was still at the archives, was found attached on the complaint in the court file,” Popei argued.

In the Late Edward Cassell’s letter to George Popeh, dated February 19, 2019, copy of which is in possession of th Daily Observer, states: “I, Edward Cassell, being desirous to appoint an Attorney-In-Fact due to my ill health, do hereby appoint, make, select, constitute and empower Mr. George Popeh, my brother, also of the City of Paynesville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, as lawful Attorney-In-Fact with the full power and authority to perform the following in my behalf as If I were personally present.”

Late Cassell’s legal power of attorney further instructed his brother, George, when he said: “To institute and defend court proceedings when and where necessary against any person(s) whomsoever to preserve and protect any and all of my rights and interest for my aforesaid properties, and for the eviction and ejectment of undesirable tenant/ lessee trespassers, encroachers and Intruders from my properties. The properties are located in outland Community, Paynesville City, Liberia.”

The deceased further stated: “I do hereby approve, ratify and confirm any and all lawful acts performed or undertaken by my said Attorney-In-Fact of this instrument.”

He also said that the legal power of attorney “shall remain in full force and effect unless revoked by me in writing and it shall supersede any other power of attorney if any is issued by me.”


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