Ruling CDC Condemns Dillon’s Threat, Warns Partisans against Violence

Chairman Morlu and Senator Dillion

Dillon, retracting his threat, cites multiple instances of violent attacks by ruling party supporters upon his person.

By Joaquin M. Sendolo

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has categorically condemned the threat of violence and war-mongering emanating from the Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties, that he will defend himself and if attacks continue against him he will extend similar action to the convoy of the President.

Even though Senator Dillon has retracted his statement of extending an attack on the President’s convoy, the statement insinuates treasonable intent; something that could be the cause of the Senator coming back quickly to retract.

In a statement released late yesterday, the CDC extended calls on all well-meaning Liberians, civil society groupings, the international community, and development partners to condemn the latest threat by Senator Dillon on the peace that Liberians are obliged to nurture. 

“The opposition Collaborating Political Parties has threatened to disrupt the pending electoral process, thus instructing their supporters to throw stones at any government functions, gatherings of the CDC and the convoy of the President,” the statement noted.

The statement added that the CPP, through the Montserrado Senator Darius Dillon, has encouraged all partisans of the CPP to carry with them from now on bags of stones, machetes and firearms to harm people he claims to be CDCIANS.

In response to the claims, however, the Political Officer in the office of Senator Dillon, Abel Plackie, said Senator Dillon has no intention to be violent and he is not violent.  He has been subsequently attacked by supporters of the ruling party beginning from Clara Town to West Point and then to District #16 on Sunday at a Church. 

Regarding his statement about extending an attack on the presidential convoy, Mr. Plackie said “We are human and when people continue to attack you as the way it is happening to Senator Dillon, you lose emotions and talk what you ought not to, and therefore he (Dillon) has retracted the statement.  It was an oversight and it is all because with all the attacks on Senator Dillon, the President, who is the father of the land, has said nothing.”   

“Mr. Dillon has been campaigning freely; no one has ever attacked him because the CDC believes in peaceful coexistence and the protection of the fundamental rights to movement, association and freedom of speech for every Liberian regardless of their political, religious or ethnic persuasions,” the CDC statement emphasized.

According to the statement, the CDC views Mr. Dillon’s statement as not only inciting but disruptive of the peace and stability of our country; and is tantamount to threat against constituted authority, a recipe for chaos and a destabilization attempt in the already fragile democracy that we are all trying to nurture  to maturity.

The CDC called on the national security apparatus to remain vigilant and bring to book anyone involved in any acts of violence. 

“We have facts that the unfortunate situation in district #16 yesterday was staged and orchestrated by known supporters of Senator Dillon upon his instructions; evidenced by the brutalization and blooding   of many of our partisans attending this Press conference,” said the ruling party.

Senator Dillon’s Political Officer responding to this allegation indicated that “No one will be having his own program especially in a church and plan to disrupt it with violence.  It makes no sense and this statement is not true at all.”

The ruling party also extended calls on its partisans not to be provoked in the midst of violence and should always seek legal redress even if violence is meted out against any of them (CDCian). 

“The CDC makes clear that it will not tolerate any act of violence by any of its structures, partisans or leaders and will not hesitate to institute necessary disciplinary actions against any partisan involved in violence,” the statement cautioned.

“We, hence, call on the United Nations, the Government and People of the United States of America, AU, EU, and ECOWAS to monitor the CPP as it is a violent institution which can do anything in desperation for power, evidenced by its bloody primary in Nimba which had less than two hundred participants as compared to the CDC’s  peaceful and transparent primaries held Nationwide with over fifty thousand participants,” said the ruling party.

As reports about voter trucking overwhelm the Voter Roll Update process mainly in montserrado, the CDC said it strongly frowns on the “Mass trucking of voters from one parts of the country to another by the collaborating Political Parties (CPP) especially Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence of Grand Bassa County.”  In a rebuttal comment, Dillon’s Political Officer Plackie said as evidently seen, the ruling party has hired 10 buses to truck voters from Montserrado to Bomi in favor of former Speaker Alex Tyler who is to contest for the senatorial seat of that county.  

“In conclusion, CDC encourages all Liberians especially eligible voters throughout the fifteen sub political divisions of the Republic of Liberia to take advantage of the voter roll update process and want to appeal that the National Elections Commission extends the time of the ongoing voter roll update exercise,” the release said.


  1. Our Patriots – Rep. Yekeh Kolubah, Henry Costa, and Senator Dillon – believe threatening the life of President Weah is a free speech right. Since the Justice Ministry hasn’t taken legal action yet, some citizens think so, too. Perhaps, the KAK Act that decriminalizes sedition also protects threatening remarks and terroristic threats. If Minister Musa Dean and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Varney Sherman have been following these events, they should consider crafting legislation to disarm a missile of potential chaos. When Qwinwonkpa announced in late 1984 that he was coming to free Liberians from SKD, many laughed his threat off. The rest is nightmarish history.

    • how dare you talk about the rights of citizens when you sylvester moses was the NSA director under President doe when thousands were tortured and killed? you have blood on you hands. Never talk about citizens rights you murderer of innocent people

  2. Conmanny Wisseh you were faster than lightening to write the Senate when youths of Grand Gedeh County resisted the presence of a notorious war criminal Yekeh Kolubah who killed their fellow Grand Gedeans and is a known lawbreaker when he accompanied in Zwedru an opposition leader Alex Cummings the gay rapists who is on UN, AU, EU, AND ECOWAS RECORDS for clandestinely financing, inciting, and fomenting, treasonous acts in Liberia.

    If you were not the hypocrite and opportunist you are and you were a decent senator, you would have written the President of the Pro Tempore Senator Albert Chie regarding a sitting senator Darius Dillon encouraging all partisans of the CPP to carry with them from now on bags of stones, machetes and firearms to harm people he claims to be CDCIANS, and also extend the attacks on the convoy of the President.

  3. I am of the opinion that our country, Liberia will see another episode of violence before the end of the first term of the Weah led CDC government. I have come to this conclusion, because it seems like the Liberian people are getting fed up with the unruly behavior of the ruling establishment. The ruling party is behaving like it is still an opposition; they have not yet come to grips that they were given a mandate by the Liberian people, and that having a mandate from the people comes with some responsibilities, but when you have people in leadership of a country who know little to nothing about leadership, or governance, it is like the blind leading the blind.
    The Weah led government came to lead Liberia with a mindset that certain part of the country is their “turf”, especially Montserrado County, and that they made a slight mistake by letting an intruder “Dillon” take over their turf.
    What this inept government failed to realize is that it is the people that put gave them the mandate to rule, but instead of trying to settle the Liberian people first they went on a personal frenzy to satisfy themselves (ruling class) first; and when A. Darius Dillon told the Liberian people that he would be the “light ” in the house of elders (Senate), the Liberian people believed in him.
    The ruling CDC establishment took the Liberian people for granted, and Montserrado slipped out of their grape; (they almost lost district #15 in Montserrado also), but due to electoral violence and some political miscalculation by the opposition, they were able to save face in that District.
    The ruling CDC has been behaving like they have a monopoly on violence, especially when it comes to Montserrado, what they have failed to note is that George Weah won the senate seat in the county on a protest vote cast by the Liberian people to show President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf that they were fed up with her family corruption.
    Now comes 2020 bi-senatorial elections, and from all indications, the ruling establishment has come to realize that their man to save the party, representative Fallah will be massively flogged by the “3rd grade dropout”, and so have resorted to acts of violence against this young man. And so senator Dillon has decided to play by their book, he has borrowed a page from their book of violence, he has only promised that the next time that the CDC thugs make an attempt on his life again, he and his supporters will respond in kind; and now the ruling CDC is jittery.
    The ruling CDC chairman, that consummate liar is not even ashamed to say that it is Senator Karngar-Lawrence that is “trucking voters” to Bassa, whereas all of us know that the whole trucking of voters from Monrovia to other part of Liberia was started by the ruling party in Bomi and Gbarpolu counties in the west, while the deputy speaker Moe, and senator Yallah are carrying out trucking of voters in central Liberia. But one thing I know is that this inept ruling establishment will be in for a very rude awakening, as the vast majority of the Liberian people are ready to vote out those corrupt senators, and if they think that they will cheat, they will feel the wrath of the Liberian people.
    Our people are not out looking for violence, but if anybody thinks that they have a monopoly over violence, because they have a so-called “sabu Unit”, we will show them that pepper does hurt in dog’s eyes. I am writing under my own name, unlike those ruling party cowards, who will come to respond to my opinion under false names, but cowards will always be cowards…

    Tolo Bonah Corfah

  4. Tolo Bonah Corfah, it seems that the opium has damaged your reasoning beyond repair. Was it the ruling establishment that resisted the gay rapists and the war criminal Yekeh Kolubah out of Zwedru? Was it the ruling establishment which booed at Darius Dillon and stoned him away from their protest against rape? You sit there after smoking pile of marijuana and come talk stupidity.

    This third grade drop out has simply seen that THE PEOPLE have seen through his duplicity and have decided to put an end to his vacation job in the Senate where he does not belong. Its as simple as that. So, he took the Liberian people for granted that by lying to THE PEOPLE or saying what the people would like to hear as he did with his salary etc.(BUT ENDED UP BEING A LIAR), and now THE PEOPLE have concluded that he is A DIRT!

  5. Sen. Darius Dillon is an ostentatious person. Instead of doing the job of the people, Dillon the talkative politician makes unscrupulous waves unlike the Atlantic Ocean. There’s not a single week that goes by without Dillon’s name being mention in the news. When Dillon’s name comes up in the news, the significance of his news does not add up to a hill of beans. That’s exactly where his problem starts. Dillon is a rabble-rouser who incites violence. Because of his inability to function like a good serious-minded politician, Dillon deserves to be politically beaten out of office via the ballot box. Liberia does not need politicians who act and behave like Dixiecrat Senators.

  6. We forget that Qwinwonkpa was “the strongman, and closest confidante of SKD until transferred from Commanding General of AFL to Secretary General of PRC at the Capitol. When that happened some more educated kinsmen advised him that losing a military command was a demotion, and encouraged the disobedience to his CIC. Two years later, “patriotically” the new hero was threatening the nation; sometimes, we see heroism in bad manners and illegally conduct.

    Economic wellness and national tranquility are like love and marriage; you cannot get one without the other. Liberia won’t recover from almost eight years of fiscal malaise while few continue threatening peace supposedly on behalf of our suffering people. Of course, some educated silly fools would support instability as long as they aren’t benefiting from whatever regime in power. Don’t allow power drunks to play Russian roulette with Liberia’s relative peace again. Do something.

    For example, regardless of the worldwide impact of Blacklivesmatter activism, African Americans are still being killed by cops, and protests getting violent because no legislation with teeth has been made into law neither at state nor federal level. Powerful Police unions resist restraints on officers’ authority to use lethal force. The Justice Ministry and Legislature are custodians of the nation’s protection. If many know how Liberia blundered into civil war by levity and passivity of few officials, they would demand urgent action to deter instability.

    • look who is talking about cops killing black citizens in america. you killed innocent liberians when you were the nsa director under President doe. you know about service officers killing innocent civilians

  7. This plague or scourge in Liberia called CDC can provoke good people to sometimes err. God in heaven knows Senator Dillion is a very peaceful and respectful gentleman.
    Let CDCians lead a civilized campaign and stop the provocation. Stop your hooliganism, convince the people of your plan for them.

  8. Prepared and post-written speeches by political appointees to be read by George to show that he is in control and he understands the situations of electoral related violence and protests against rape in the country have no meaningful impact on George and what to actually do to control the situations. The prepared or post-written speeches after the damaged has been carried out are now being viewed by citizens as written scripts or smoke screen by George and his political appointees as advisers. Although the regime has been strongly supported by its International Partners based or his prepared speech and his post-written after the damaged, the lack of what to do next after the speeches by George have been made concerning electoral related violence and the awful acts of rape have created the question of leadership vacuum in the minds of both the citizens and the regime’s International AidPartners, that have stood with the regime in finding an amicable solution to the growing problems. Prepared or post-written statements without meaningful results or impact has sent a wrong message by George to both his supporters and political opponents to handle their political differences by themselves. And the result has been blood letting actions on both sides. While George as President of the country continues to give prepared or post-written speeches to address the problems. And this regrettably has drawn George in the political rhetorical line of fire, for refusing to do enough. But rather give prepared written speeches by his political advisers as a political solution. The Grand Gedeh related violence which was allegedly followed by a prepared speech written by appointees of George calling for a speedy investigation has yet to bring to book those who were involved and responsible. And so the message of electoral related violence and its bloodshed continues. And George has been drawn directly in the line of fire and political outrage for his failure to act on the prepared written speeches by his advisers. And the regime’s International AidPartners are demanding and taking notes concerning the leadership vacuum in the regime. And that’s is troubling. Prepared written speeches or post-written speeches after the damaged has been done are not enough. Or are not the only solution to have meaningful impact. They only create leadership vacuum. And here’s a prepared written speech given by George to his supporters and citizens alike:” If You Love Me…” blah blah blah blah blah blah. But what love had got to do with electoral related violence and the awful criminal act of rape ? What Love Has Got To Do With That , George ?

  9. Garsuah Gbovlehn, it seems like you and I have smoked the same opium that has warped your mind that you only see what is wrong with the opposition. Is Yekeh Kolubah the only rebel in this government? Who is the gay rapist, Weah, or wkho are you referring to? You referred to me as an opium smoker, but do you low how much opium WEAH smokes a day?
    Gbovlehn, do you not see mass murderer Prince Johnson, but can only see Yekeh Kolubah? Your mind is so warped that you have become a stupid praise singer, that you are blinded to the good that Dillon has done for this country. Is it wrong for Dillon to say that his salary, and that of other law makers be reduced, and the money be put into education and healthcare? Is it right to truck voters to other parts of Liberia to vote incompetent law makers who have not done anything for their constituents for 6 to 12 years?
    Yes, I am a proud opium smoker who thinks independently, and not a praise singer to make my pot boil. I am not blinded to see that Dillon will make a better senator in Montserrado than Thomas Fallah, who is dishing out money to win the minds of potential voters.
    So you can call me an opium smoker, or any negative name you want to ascribe to me I really don’t care, but I will continue to freely Express my opinions kn this platform against the misrule of our country by your incompetent CDC criminal syndicate

    Tolo Bonah Corfah

    • Mr. proud opium smoker Tolo Bonah Corfah, no, I have never smoked in my life, whether opium or tobacco. So of course, I have never smoked with you or anyone.

      Yekeh Kolubah may not be the only rebel in government. But he is the only one who displays the characters and personality traits of a rebel and a war criminal.


      No Tolo Bonah Corfah, Dr. Weah never ever smoked opium in his whole life. If he ever smoked opium, he would have never been qualified to become World Best, Europe best and Africa best. And he would have not been able to be President today and even .a Pastor building churches.

      You see, it is because you are a proud opium smoker, is why after Tipoteh and his gang used you, George Klay Kiek and Alaric Tokpah used, you, now you are letting this gay boy Alex Cummings to use you again.

      Finally, If Dillon was actually what you naively thing he is, he would have not been stoned away by the very opposition to this government .during the recent protest. And you know it Mr. proud opium smoker.

  10. Once people begin to submit to blackmail, such behavior opens the door to a floodgate of more blackmail. This is the reason they should not have allowed it in the first place. In what was recorded as a very violent election, this CDC cult nearly murder Telia Urey during the past election.

    Scores of voters were brutally intimidated, flogged, and injured in mayhem by the CDC police force. Nevertheless, Liberians love to take things for granted at times most especially when the urgency calls for an immediate action.

    CDC rigged the election and allowed voters fraud and manipulation to prevail in its favor. Among other events, the government did nothing to curtail the violence, and because of fear, intimidation, and the need to avoid bloodshed, the opposition gave in to blackmail. So here they are again facing a bulwark of even bigger blackmail. And unless the international community intervene, like Tolo Bonah Corfah said, Liberia is bound to witness a very, nasty electoral season.

    What the country is witnessing now is symptomatic of the Doe Era. The 14-year civil war did not just occur instantaneously. So many small but very dangerous, election skirmishes, ethnic cleansings, political assassinations, and massive corruption predated it.

    Chances exist Weah will rig these elections, and from that point forward, peace will allude Liberia for the rest of his first term in office, and things could even explode into another major, national crisis. Why? To begin with, Weah can hardly focus on the main tasks for which the Liberian people elected him. His greatest ambition is to win every political race that is held in the country.

    As a matter of fact, his obsession with winning is not only limited to politics alone as it even extends to sports. For example: Weah manipulated a simple football event between his home county, Grand Kru, and Nimba County during which event Nimba was predicted to be the victor. This morbid obsession with winning every race in the country detracts his indulgence from the core duties of the presidency.

    Since the advent of the Weah’s administration, the country has realized no substantial economic growth and job creation. His administration has been characterized as one that is preoccupied with looting of the public treasury, impoverishing the already exploited and gullible masses, and exploring avenues to be re-elected as a benevolent dictator.

    Succumbing to blackmail is never the answer because the more the citizens yield to blackmail, the greater are the chances the oppressor will throw more at them. Once blackmail, forever blackmail!

    • It is the opposition and their rag tag CoP foolishly believing they can blackmail the incumbent .The evidence, facts, and proof, have been made clear when the diplomatic and international communities warned them, and as we write with Darius Dillon instructing his partisans to take on to weapons to attack CDCIANS, and he Dillon announcing that they will attach the presidential convoy. For your silly head, that is no blackmail. But well, for sound people, that is a blackmail.

      What happened during that election in which Telia Urey was defeated was the miscalculation of her father that by sending his hitmen to carry out such an attack on his own daughter, that would be the game changer with the electorate voting for her out of sympathy. He Urey chose such stupidity after Alex Cummings told his ANC partisans to stayaway and not vote for the daughter of Urey, since Urey said he Cummings is not fit to be President.

      After staying in government for twelve years and you are now hanging around as some strayed bat, it is understandable that if you had your way, you would even prefer the whole country to be destroyed, because for you, there should only be Liberia when you are in Government. And this is why Taylor told Qadafi to throw you out of Lybia. And Ellen finally used you for twelve years as a means of buying your silence,


      The Weah Administration inherited a deteriorated economy, but still the infrastructural developments they have made thus far for the first three years of the twelve years they are set to be in power, is unprecedented! And this is why even Transparency International has applauded their government!!!!!!

      As for your stupidity about winning county meet we do not have time to waste on such foolishness when it is known fact that the only three times champions in Liberia county wise are Grand Kru and Nimba. Nimba once as three times champions, while Grand Kru have been three times champions several times. And when two teams play, one has to emerge victorious.

      Your wish that Liberia should go back to war because you have no hope of getting government job anymore, and the days of rebel groups formation as your PDF are now relics of the past, is bound to kill you from that frustration. Go and tell the Liberian people what happened to the people children of your PDF you abandoned at the Pademba Road Prison in Sierra Leone after you people were thrown out of Libya in the early 90s.

  11. Oh, so there is a GAY RAPIST in Liberia roaming scot freeing and we are arresting others for “rape”?. Well, I hope he get arrested too. Most of them come from over seas with those dirty characters, descent on our youths and damage them beyond.
    Young Liberians, be careful, there is a GAY RAPIST in your midst!

  12. This clearly shows that Senator Dillon’s cross his bound. What the senator was thinking on for using such inflammatory words against state that are tantamount to disintegrate this country into a upheaval situation. Such unthinkable expression from one of the state actors that we elected to protect our constitution is very regrettable, and he should know how serious his comments are.

    Security apparatus should invites the senator to make more clarity to the Liberians people on his comments claiming of having guns wherein he is not authorized to own any lethal weapodery by constitution. There is an urgent need for judicial review for our constitution, because it has enters into a realistic trend that need to commensurate with actions. Our constitution coverup the elites legislators from blames which they use to bullish the nation of whom they vows to honesty serve. Looking at senator Dillon’s current position in the state affairs is amazing to many who have inspired thousands of followers, therefore his comments should not be taken lightly. Such action shouldn’t be condoned in our society where a state actor that controls thousand of adherents can throwout a bullying action and later go and retract them willingly, is not healthy for our society at the present time most especially during this electionary period where mass brawl could be expected simultaneously.

    The CPP and it entire constituting body should disengage in their constant habit of instilling fears in the Liberian people. Liberians have not experience a total peace since 1980 which derived from these unscrupulous and idiotic politicians who have no better thinking for this country which Senator Dillon continues to examplify since he was elected. He have not proven himself as symbolic of peace as his adherents dubbed him”LIGHT IN THE HOUSE” If this light means a real light, it should brightly shine on the LIBERIANS PEOPLE by bringing Peace in their hearts not chaotic situations that could leads to further untold suffering.

    Senator Dillon’s altercation equated to treasonous. Therefore, he should be held liable.

    Liberians people, this is a man that have been prettending to be good a leader. Can a good and wise leader make such rudimentary statements against his or her country? Even amongst themselvee (CPP) bookish people as they claims to be, they are not discipline. They are even unable to galvanized themselves. In fight amongst themselves are the matter of the days. Can we trust this kind of people with our country? The answer is no!

    Therefore, the great people of Montserrado County, the ball is now in your court to make a wise decision.

  13. Comrade Gborvlehn,
    If no one believes you as it relates to the fact that you’ve never smoked grass or tobacco, I believe you. Years ago when I was a collegian, I stated in one of my classes that I had never smoked grass. This particular class comprised of almost all races. Guess what? My classmates laughed at me including the white professor. From the 1960s up to the early 80s, most Americans smoked grass! My classmates’ assumption was that I was lying. Even God knew that I told the darn truth. Up to date, I have never smoked a cigarette or even the grass.

    I believe you buddy! Oh, I saw an obolo today.

  14. POSTED AT 10:19 PM on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

    I think the fair thing to do is accept that we are headed down a downward spiral of disorderly conduct which may, or may not, metastasize into full-blown conflict if we aren’t careful.

    During the last few years, I’ve read reports of CDC partisans terrorizing Senator Nyonblee Lawrence, Telia Urey, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, and recently, Darius Dillon.

    I’ve read about hostile behavior towards Alexander B. Cummings Jr. and the back and forth with Rep. Yekeh kolubah.

    At the same time, I’ve read news reports about citizens blocking the traffic and preventing the Speaker of the House from passing.

    I’ve read about UL students demanding access to the Capitol building to pay homage to the late Geraldine Doe-Sheriff, in total disregard for protocol.

    I’ve also read about some kind of skirmish over the remains of the late Adolph Lawrence.

    I’ve read of Council of Patriots declining to apply for protest permit and the recent tire-burning incident orchestrated by their supporters.

    I don’t like what Darius Dillon said and I am NO fan of his. However, I can understand the frustration. Any human being reaches that point when he/she says : “Enough is enough !!!”

    When I think of threats of retaliation for stone throwing, I am reminded of the late ECOMOG Commander Victor Malu who warned the NPFL in 1997 that if they threw stones at political figures being escorted by ECOMOG soldiers ( during the 1997 elections campaign), ECOMOG would “shoot to maim”.

    Thereafter, the stone-throwing ceased. I guess the NPFL supporters got the message.

  15. Liberia under this present leadership bus a grand joke and a laughingstock. Even state security actors are compromised. Only God will see us through.


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