Rubber Company Gets 15-day Ultimatum to Settle Bad Labor Issues, Others

Rep. Morris wants the company investigated.

The Committee on Human and Civil Rights of the House of Representatives has given a 15-day ultimatum to the management of Morris American Rubber Company (MARCO), to provide a timeline to settle  issues of bad labor practices on the plantation.

The company is accused of failing to pay-off over 40 redundant employees and salaries of current workers.

The committee has also mandated the company to include in its roadmap the settlement of the bereaved parents whose daughter, 16-year-old Jessica Barclay, accidentally fell in the company’s well and drowned.

The unprotected well was constructed to provide water to the company’s plants.

The Committee issued the ultimatum to the company yesterday during a public hearing which was held in the first floor conference room.

Rep. Cllr. Beyan Howard, Chairman on the Committee on Human & Civil Rights

Representative Beyan Howard (Lofa County District 5) chairs the House’s Human and Civil Rights Committee. Others members are Representatives Roger Domah (Nimba County District 7) Joseph Nyan Somwarbi (Nimba County District 3) and Francis S. Young of River Gee District 2.

The company was represented by Manfried E. Jones, Administrative Manager and Francis A. Dennis, Sr.

The public hearing stemmed from a communication from Representative Lawrence Morris about the death of  Ms. Jessica Barclay.

The incident took place on March 11, 2018 in Morris Farm, District 1, Montserrado County, and the MARCO is at the center of the allegation.

Morris also accused the MARCO management of bad labor practices some of which led to the death  Ms. Barclay.

He also accused the MARCO of relieving 40 employees who did not receive any benefits.

The House voted on last Thursday, during its 19th day sitting for the committee on Human, Civil Rights to probe and subsequently report to plenary.