RREA Launches New Website

Participants after the launch.

The Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Information recently launched the Renewable Liberia Information website.

The web platform will provide various stakeholders, including companies and other actors in the private sector, with project information and training opportunities, according to its managers.

The web portal contains various information technology tools adapted for Liberia’s needs. It will include stakeholder’s directory, reliable data, dynamic maps, background information and articles about renewable energy technologies and activities in Liberia.

Liberia already benefits and will benefit more from a strong renewable energy sector that delivers jobs and investment, while cutting carbon emissions and securing Liberia’s energy supplies.

The platform also includes information for and from different stakeholders in the renewable energy sector in Liberia. The platform’s aim is to inform them on how the growth of renewable energy can help sustain light and power Liberian homes and businesses.

During the presentation of the website, the head of administration of EnDev Liberia, Stephen A. Mulbah, said consumers need awareness and trust in technologies and services in this new market because people do not have much experience with solar power, hydropower, and biomass.

According to Mulbah, the web platform is part of the innovative ICT4Renewables toolbox.
He said the mapping tool transfers external data into a dynamic webmap that will make key information easy to be accessed and will allow stakeholders to get insights based on location intelligence.

Mulbah added that renewable energies, as well as reliable access to electricity in Liberia, only reach 5 percent of the population, which is still among the lowest in the world.

“Renewable energies such as hydro, solar, wind, and biomass are slowly but increasingly replacing diesel, charcoal, and dirty fuels. Renewable energy can supply almost all the energy needs of the people of Liberia and contribute to development,” he said.

The Renewable Liberia team consists of people from various institutions who called on investors, businesses and customers to get connected.

The Minister of Information, Eugene Nagbe, said this is the way forward for the future of Liberia as the country is lagging behind in the use of the internet, adding: “This will help in information dissemination because the ministry does not sit on information but rather releases it to the public.”

The website, he said, will benefit those in the rural parts of the country and give them access to solar power.


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