Romanian Business Delegates Express Interest in Investing in Liberia

Madam Haim Tzutziashvili, CEO of East Bridge Estate and Georgeta Topciu, of S.C Iterjob Resource in a meeting with authorities from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

A business delegation from Romania, led by Haim Tzutziashvili, the chief executive officer (CEO) of East Bridge Estate and Georgeta Topciu, of S.C Iterjob Resource have expressed interest in the Liberian government’s e-government programs and its postal financial services.

The delegation informed the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Cllr. Cooper Kruah Sr., that their visit to the country was intended to assess the potential business opportunities of the e-government programs and the postal financial services.

“Our visit to Liberia is to assess the business opportunity of partnering with the government to improve its e-government programs and its postal financial service to offer state-of-the-art guarantees to secure payments between operators and protecting the interests of consumers, senders and beneficiaries alike.

“The essence of this partnership is to work with the government to adequately decentralize the country’s postal financial service to help people in underserved communities to get access to financial products and services outside of the banking system,” Madam Tzutziashvili said.

Meanwhile, Madam Tzutziashvili nuged Minister Kruah about the urgent need for a good legislation that will provide a healthy business climate for both the government and business entities.

For his part, Minister Kruah welcomed the delegation’s interest in the government’s e-government programs and postal financial service and assured that the Liberian government is willing to cooperate to work to improve the e-government and postal financial services.

He informed the delegation that an Information Communication Technology (ICT) draft policy has been validated and is awaiting cabinet’s approval.

He assured the Romanian delegation that the country is open to all investors that are willing to help the government and added that the provision of basic postal financial services contributes significantly to global economic and social development, which also plays an important role in improving the living standards of the people.

“The postal sector is able to play a key role in the payment market and the financial inclusion of populations, diminishing consumer risk related to the use of informal network,” Minister Kruah said.


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