‘Rogue’ Ex PSU Officer Bloodied, Abandoned

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Former Police Support Unit (PSU) officer Rene T. Juwle, 32, was discovered sitting across Nah Video Club in the Borough of New Kru Town, bloody from head to toe.

Juwle is unable to explain what happened to him.

Residents where the former officer was discovered said they knew nothing about who violently assaulted him, although some alleged that “Juwle is a thief” and wondered “why he was not killed like the others.”

“They were supposed to have killed him,” was the refrain sung yesterday morning as the news of Juwle’s condition spread throughout the community of over 30,000 residents.

According to a certificate displayed to the Daily Observer, Juwle is a 2006 graduate of D. Twe Memorial High School in the Borough of New Kru Town.

He took the United Nations Police Training Program from July 23 to September 21, 2006, completed his second training in Police Basic Recruitment Course, and was a member of the Class of 25 in 2007.

“Every parent wants his/her children to do better,” his distraught father, George Wleh Juwle, said to the Daily Observer, fighting back tears. “But my son Juwle has refused to follow our advice.”

Juwle’s mother was sullen as her husband explained the tragedy that has struck the family, particularly their son, to the Daily Observer yesterday morning.

Mr. Juwle, a teacher at the Dyutarter Public School in Paynesville, also displayed his son’s certificate from the Liberia National Police Field Training Officer Qualification Course, held from August 31-Sept. 5, 2009.

Young Juwle completed the LNP Support Unit Basic Training Course, held from January 17 to April 14, 2011, earned a certificate from the First Line Supervision Training Cause, held from 12-31June 2009, and another from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held from Nov. 22-Dec. 14, 2010 by the French Embassy, near Monrovia.

The versatile Juwle also earned a diploma from the Inter-Digital Computer School Incorporated of Monrovia on December 7, 2008.

“With all of what I have shown you about my son, Juwle would mingle with the wrong crowd and engage in unbecoming behaviors. As a father I am frustrated to see my son in this horrible condition,” Mr. Juwle said.

During the interview at the family’s residence in Colonel West, the victim’s friends had managed to get him on his feet, and he painfully walked from where he was abandoned during the night to his parents’ house, saying they wanted to clean him up before sending him to the nearby Redemption Clinic.

A source from the LNP informed the Daily Observer that Rene T. Juwle was dismissed from the LNP, without providing further details. Though there were concerns about his safety due to the severe cuts on his face, head, hands and legs, many at the scene said he deserved it.

“We will kill all the rogues in this town,” a young woman said, “because they roam the town at night stealing from people.”

Mob violence has become popular in communities in Liberia. Before the tragic 14 years civil-war, those accused of stealing were sent to police stations for investigation and prosecution, but nowadays those accused of being rogues or thieves are violently beaten, even to death, by angry mobs.

“In some cases, eight inch nails are nailed into the heads of rogues, and it will not be a surprise if there is one or two in Rene Juwle’s head,” a resident said.

Another resident said people are so fed-up with alleged robbers that whenever there is an incident of mob violence, nurses and doctors refuse to treat the victim, even if he was mistaken for a thief.

During the Daily Observer’s visit, there was no report of any visit by police officers from the New Kru Town Police Depot to the scene, but the victim’s father told the Daily Observer that two of his son’s police officer friends visited and informed the him of his son’s tragedy.

“I told them that we gave birth to them to listen to us as parents, and they must obey their parents and avoid what has happened to my son,” he said.


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