Rogue Assaulted in New Kru Town


A badly injured young man, who neighbors accuse of being a rogue, and whose legs and head showed signs of violent trauma, was dumped near the Point 4 Elementary School in New Kru Town yesterday.

Neighbors told the Daily Observer that no one in the community knew the young man and where he came from.

“We heard the alarm,‘rogue, rogue’, and this morning we came to find him lying down here,” an eyewitness said.

Upon inspection, the victim appeared to have been severely assaulted. He did not have the strength to even sit up or speak about his ordeal. He could not answer questions posed by our reporter.

Not many who came to get a glimpse of the ‘rogue’ in their midst, expressed any sympathy for his condition. Instead they wished his attackers had continued their assault until he was dead, they said.

“They could have killed him,” a young woman remarked, laughing. “These rogues come from other neighborhoods to steal, and they are sometimes armed with knives and other deadly weapons. So it is good for him.”

Two police pickup trucks that drove to the scene did not offer any help. They took a good look at the victim and then drove away, neighbors said.

“Later two other officers came here and took his picture with their cellphones,” another onlooker said.

In a similar incident, 22 year old Prince Weah was last Thursday night caught near Caldwell, and his accusers decided to make an example of him.

Family sources told the Daily Observer that Weah was caught by a vigilante group at about 2 a.m. They assaulted him “because they suspected him of being a rogue.”

“He pleaded with the group not to kill him, but they decided to teach him a lesson so that he would not steal again,” a family member said.

He said Prince Weah’s five fingers on his right hand were severed, his knees gashed and he was left to die in his condition.

He said that the victim claimed he walked a girlfriend halfway, though many have denied his version of what took place.

“He is presently at a local health center nursing his wounds,” said another family source at Borbor Garage in New Kru Town.


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