Robertsport Highway, Feeder Roads in Deplorable State

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In spite of its close proximity to the nation’s capital Monrovia, travelers to Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County should plan to double the time it takes to get there because of the very deplorable condition of the highway and feeder roads in the county.

In an encounter with potholes on the Robertsport highway last Wednesday, it was observed that most of the highway was a huge challenge for vehicle movement.

United Nations, medical aid agencies, private sector transport providers and small business Liberians continue to endure severe hardships due to the deplorable conditions on several parts of the highway in Grand Cape Mount County.

Accordingly, a 30-minute drive road stretch now takes one hour and fifteen minutes, owing to the bad road condition.

Commercial drivers, private car owners, UN aid agencies, non-governmental organizations and even users of government vehicles encounter serious challenges to their vehicles.

Regrettably, with the rapid spread of the deadly Ebola virus Disease (EVD) in some parts of Grand Cape Mount County, fear has gripped public and private service providers, who often see on the bad highways vehicles marked National Ebola Task Force stranded in some deep potholes, with critically needed anti-Ebola materials intended for some of the county’s infected districts.

Some residents and businesspeople told the Daily Observer that even several feeder (farm-to-market) roads are in very deplorable conditions, posing more suffering for farmers and small business Liberians residing in villages and towns.

UN-Aid Monitor Joe Stewart pointed out that swift intervention should be carried out during the current Dry Season in the county in order to enhance the smooth and unhindered movement of goods and services in Robertsport.

Mr. Stewart also stressed the need to place serious priority on the rehabilitation of farm to market roads that are in deplorable sin order to enhance the conveyance of locally produced commodities for the urban markets.

Another aid agency staff, David B. Clarence, intimated that the Robertsport highway must be given urgent attention during the course of the current Dry Season in the country.

Businesswoman Meata B. Dennis told the Daily Observer that owing to the deplorable condition of the Robertsport highway, commercial drivers are hiking transport fares to  the detriment of the vulnerable business community of Robertsport.

“I’m only doing business now because I don’t want to sit down idle and business contacts may be lost during this Ebola crisis in Liberia,” Mrs. Dennis lamented.


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