Robbery at LNOC Headquarters

The Secretary General of the LNOC, Frederick Pratt holds the empty cartoon of the stolen Sony VPL DX220 Projector

-Metro 2 Depot Station Transfers Case to LNP Central Office

The Liberia National Police (LNP) is today expected to begin an investigation of robbery (break-in) at the headquarters of the Liberia National Olympic Committee (LNOC) on Randall Street, a source at the Metro 2 Depot on Ashmun Street, told the Daily Observer yesterday via mobile interview.

The LNP source said the LNOC formally launched a complaint of robbery on Monday and after a preliminary probe, the case was transferred to the Central Office of the LNP on Capitol Bye Pass.

According to the Secretary-General of the LNOC, Mr. Frederick Pratt, four out of the six offices in the LNOC headquarters were affected. He said in his office, two HP Laptops, a Sony VPL DX220 Projector, and US$1,000 were stolen.

He further said, two Laptops, a Dell and HP, and the inks for the printer were stolen from the office of Assistant Secretary-General Ahmed Tukpa.

“We have made a formal complaint to the Metro 2 Depot,” Mr. Pratt confirmed. “If we are to suspect anybody, we will suspect visitors, because we have many visitors every week.”

The spoiled drawers at the burgled LNOC office

There are 22 member associations and federations of the LNOC. They include Football, Basketball, Track & Field, Canoe & Rowing, Swimming, Boxing, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickball, and Wrestling.

The others include Table Tennis, Tennis, Cycling, Wushu, Handball, Volleyball, Archery, Shooting, Women & Sports, Inter-High School Sports, UL Sports and Monrovia YMCA.

Meanwhile, The LNOC’s Assistant Secretary-General Tupka said this is the first burglary the LNOC has experienced since its relocation in 2013 from Benson Street. Tukpa said the value of the items which were stolen including the cash, totaled US$3,840.

The LNOC headquarters is located in the Charif Clinic Building and has six offices, including the Secretary-General, Assistant Secretary-General and the Vice President for Women Affairs. Others offices are the Liberia Athletics Federation, the General Office of Associations/Federations and French Translator Office.

Mr. Philipbert Brown is the president of the LNOC, while Cllr. Sylvester Rennie and Malcolm Joseph are the Vice Presidents for Administration and Technical Affairs respectively.


  1. It is unfortunate but especially sad that incidents like this including murder, rape, armed robbery occur in Liberia nowadays with no assurances of any professional investigation, before one will expect resolution, satisfactory or not. The transfer of this case for example, is an outright indication this case is dead on arrival! Better yet, it points out a huge deficiency in the organizational structure of the LNP. What is the essence of a Police Depot, for example, if there is no “CID” unit attached to that depot for proactively launching into matters like this, while the trail of the criminal(s) is still hot? Add the confusion or misguidance from the staff at this LNOC suggesting that this crime was committed by visitors! While that is a possibility, how about the staff of this institution too, is it not possible that this robbery could be an inside job? Regrettably, this story or its author Mr. Leroy Sonpon refused to say how the offices were broken into, whether through a door, window or roof of the building. The bottom line to all this is that Liberia is one risky place to live. People live there at their own risk. The officials of government are corrupt. The security forces wanting. Journalists mediocre. Teachers unscrupulous. Doctors half trained and ill-equipped. Nurses unsuited. Students functionally literate. And the average citizens so-and-so. I am a Liberian too, folks. So it gives me no pleasure describing my fellow countrymen like this, but the truth will set us free.


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