Road Pavement Slows Businesses in Ganta


Although road pavement is progressing from Gbarnga to the Liberia-Guinea border near Ganta, Nimba County, business centers along the pavement route are being hampered owing to the level of demolition of their structures.
As the road work now moves to its climax, those affected by the demolition exercise are not angry with the level of development, but are said to be hurting over the delay in the reconstruction of their demolished business establishments mainly in the city center.
“We are not angry with the pavement of the road, but the time it will take for us to re-establish remains our focus,” said Harrison Wongbay, a building materials seller.
Among business entities that have suffered the worst of the demolition is the First International Bank (FIB) which was razed to the ground on June 30, to allow free flow of traffic. Also, the Ganta branches of the United Bank of Africa (UBA) and ECOBANK were among many businesses that were situated in the right of way of the road and are faced with possible demolition.
The FIB was previously located at the main intersection of the Guinea Road and in accordance with the design based on modern standards there should be no congestion at major intersections, especially where heavy vehicles and other traffic are supposed to freely pass.
At the moment, a portion of the ECOBANK structure has been demolished by engineers, while the UBA is also gearing for relocation since the FIB has already been relocated.
Several other businesses including the Justina Bar and Restaurant, the Beer Garden Restaurant, F2 and many others are likely to close down until the road work is completed.
One of the conditions affecting the re-establishment of businesses is the new Ganta City ordinance, which requires all store owners to turn their buildings into at least one or two storey buildings with flat roofs.
Some business owners including Victoria Varr, are worried about the new regulation, “because the money they generate from their businesses is not enough to construct flat roofs or storey buildings.”
Most of the buildings on the main street of Ganta were built 40 to 50 years ago.


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