Road Construction Begins in Doe Community Soon

final---Rd. Construction.jpg

At long last, residents of Doe Community will benefit from a modern road network that will go directly into the community, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Public Works Minister, William Gyude Moore, have announced to the residents.

The road construction, which will commence from the main road into the community, according to the President, will begin “very shortly.”
The road which leads from the Freeway around the Freeport has always been in a deplorable condition.

Shortly after President Sirleaf made the announcement, residents began to celebrate, dancing around the Presidential convoy that entered their community.

Doe Community is one of the slum communities with perennial problems, starting with the terrible dust during the dry season and severe flooding during the rains, which have rendered it vulnerable. During the rainy season, thousands of residents are stranded and made homeless as the entire community is blocked off by flood water.

Many residents believe that when the road is constructed and drainages are properly installed, the flooding problem will be history.

“We are consulting to make sure that the Public Works Ministry starts fixing this road, and we know it will start soon,” the President said as she turned to Minister Moore for his approval to ensure that they are in one accord.

President Sirleaf last week inspected several road projects in Montserrado and Margibi counties. The tour began at the S.D. Cooper Road Junction to the intersection of the S.K.D Sports Complex.

The President and her entourage also inspected the ongoing construction works on the Marshall Road that is being constructed by the Lebanese owned SSF Construction Firm.


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