Road between White Plains, Crozierville Swept Away by Storm

Residents made a make-shift bridge for people to cross over on foot between White Plains and Crozierville

Residents in the townships of White Plains and Crozierville have called on the Ministry of Public Works to urgently come to their aid in the wake of a heavy downpour of rain over a week ago, on the night of Monday, July 16, that swept away the road passing through White Plane and Crozierville.

According to them, the situation has for the past one week hindered transportation and free movement in the area. The road connects from Caldwell Junction at Duala all the way through Louisiana, White Plains and Crozierville, to Bentol City and as far as Fendall along the Paynesville-Kakata highway.

Incident occurred on Monday July 16.

In an exclusive interview, the White Plains Township Commissioner, Urias Worjoh Brooks, explained that such incident was indeed expected because the culverts expired and the area has been undermined for about two and a half years now.

Brooks, who is also a former employee of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), told the Daily Observer that the township authority had been monitoring the area but last week rain finally destroyed it. He said that the disconnection of the road has posed a serious problem to residents of the area. He further refutes previous reports of casualty involving three persons. “No one died from the incident,” he clarified.

According to him, due to the incident, prices of commodities have increased. “As we speak, one cup of rice is L$50 in White Plains, while other areas it is L$60, this is a serious problem for us,” he stated.

According to him the Township of White Plains has three communities, including other bigger towns and villages. As such, if nothing is done by government to rescue the situation, people from Crozierville, Bentol, and Fendall may face serious challenge.

As a quick-fix solution, residents erected a make-shift bridge from reed poles, on which commuters would have to walk to cross. They also built ladders for others to use to climb down into the hole and climb up on the other side — an option that was more practical for motorcyclists who needed to continue their journey on the other side.

Samuel Gbarnjah’s Motorbike being hoisted down into the crater to be carried to the other side.

A Motorcyclist from Crozierville, Samuel Gbarnjah, narrated that since the incident motorcyclists have been finding it so difficult in terms of getting gas, something which he said has not been happened in the area.

According to him, motorcyclists who plied the route have no option in such case, but to charge exorbitantly. “In fact the price of gas here has gone up to L$600 and some more Liberian dollars.” Gbarnjah, who spoke on behalf of the group, called on the government through the MPW to speedily address the situation.

However, the situation has since imp free movement of residents, most especially students from Caldwell and other areas who attend the University of Liberia Fendall Campus.


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