River Cess Senator Wants Constitution Taught in Schools


At the launch of a dialogue of the Community Media Forum, held last Wednesday, April 25, 2018 under the theme, “Engaging Citizens on National Budget for Accountable Development,” River Cess County Senator Dallas A.V. Gueh called for the reintroduction of teaching civics, or the constitution, in schools in the country.

Gueh said during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the Ministry of Education (MoE) did not put civics into the country’s curriculum, but it was now time for education authorities to reintroduce teaching of the subject in schools.

Sen. Gweh said by teaching civics, or the constitution, the values, rights and freedom of citizens would uphold the protection of those values.

In 1986, the constitution was unanimously adopted, and Article 10 says: “The Republic shall ensure the publication and dissemination of this Constitution throughout the Republic and the teaching of its principles and provisions in all institutions of learning in the country.”

This means it is the legal obligation of the Ministry of Education to allow schools provide programs to teach students the constitution, to serve as an eye opener to understand the importance of the constitution in their everyday lives.

Sen. Gweh, who chairs the Senate Committee on Education, therefore called on President George Weah to encourage education authorities to include civics in the curriculum beginning academic 2018/2019.

The River Cess County Senator expressed the hope that if the constitution is taught in schools, students will understand the true meaning of their rights and the vital constitutional amendments that protect those fundamental rights.

“Politicians should not forget and ignore how the constitution protects the rights of every citizen. It is through teaching the subject that will allow students understand its importance,” said Sen. Gweh.

He continued, “it is everyone’s right to receive constitutional teaching, because the nation faces great challenges from within to bring the constitution back to the minds of young Liberians.”


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