Rivercess By-Election Campaign Intensifies


As Rivercess County by-election campaign continues in District #2, residents have pledged their support to one of the candidates, Bob Kofi Zah from the People’s Unification Party (PUP.)

  To demonstrate their support for Mr. Zah, PUP partisans and well wishers comprising women and the elderly lifted him shoulder-high, while dancing the traditional welcoming songs.

 Throughout the campaign tours in the area, people of high respect left their work activities to await Mr. Zah, who they now consider their “political hero” that will liberate the district if elected on April 21.

 As the political journey continued, a crowd of mainly women in Yarkah Town, Cestos City, and ITI Community joyfully spread their lappas for Mr. Zah to walk on as a mark of appreciation for his entry into the race and also for his many development initiatives.

Zah contested the 2011 general and presidential elections as a representative contestant for the district, and finished second to the then Representative Francis Paye.

 This time, according to his campaign report, he has promised victory to his people who are confident that his leadership is the “dawn of a new day” for the people of Rivercess County.

Nine other persons are also vying for the single seat, but all indications up to press time last night showed Zah has won the hearts of the residents owing to his “traditional” undertakings.

 Addressing citizens in the district over the weekend, Zah assured them that his expected ascendency to the Liberian Legislature will be the end of their suffering and the end of the lack of development in the area.

 Mr. Papa Dorgar, a classroom teacher who spoke on behalf of residents of the district said, if Mr. Zah wins the election, Rivercess will be developed.

 He also called on residents to vote for the candidate who is prepared to change bad situations to good in the area.

 “It is very uncomfortable for residents across the Cestos River but Bob Kofi Zah or BKZ, as he is affectionately called, will change things for the good,” he said.

Mr. Dorgar cautioned Representative hopeful BKZ to focus on development projects that have to do with healthcare delivery, reconditioning of the road network, and security.

 For his part, the chairman of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), Isobee Gborkakollie, said that the party is exerting every effort in the district to ensure that Mr. Zah wins and that his victory will be the beginning of good leadership that will bring development to the district.

The chairman noted that district representation as a Legislator has nothing to do with low or high education, but by being visionary with the requisite plan to develop as a lawmaker with a conscience.

 The upcoming Rivercess by-election became necessary following the election of district #2 Representative at the National Legislature, Francis Paye, as Senator. 


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