River Gee Elders Council Demands Accountability

Jackson C. Nyepan, River Gee County Elders Council Chairman.

– Supt. Nyenuh refutes claims as misleading and without basis

The chairman of the River Gee County Elders Council has alleged that the county authorities have over the years failed to account for money the government allotted under the County Social Development Fund (CSDF), a claim that was refuted by a spokesman.

Jackson P. Nyepan in a telephone conversation from Fish Town last Thursday, claimed the county authorities have, since 2014 up to present, failed to provide a comprehensive report on the CSDF and to also update citizens on any new development programs.

Nyepan further alleged that to make matters worse, the Superintendent is yet to inform members of the council of any program that will at least bring some development to the county.

He said it is important for the administration to inform the citizens on how it has spent the CSDF and the County Development Funds allocated over the years.

“The Elders Council does not know the last time the current administration held a county sitting,” he claimed, and called for the setting up of a ‘monitoring and reporting system’ which, according to him, will clear doubts on how the CSDF was used.

He admitted that since they took over, county authorities, on two occasions, hosted a county sitting where funding was allocated to purchase ‘yellow machines.’ “In Webbo, we discussed lots of issues regarding the rehabilitation of roads, wherein funding was allocated; but since then, nothing tangible has been done to improve the county,” he said.

In reaction, River Gee County Superintendent Philip Q. Nyenuh said the Elders Council chairman’s claim is misleading, “because it has no basis.”

Supt. Nyenuh said, “Transparency, as far as we know, is getting people involved in the decision making process of every development agenda of the county, which we as county authorities have done since we took office.”

Philip Q. Nyenuh River Gee County Superintendent

He noted that it is unfortunate to hear that Nyepan, who served as former assistant development superintendent of the county, would make unfounded comments about the authority on transparency.

“His comments have the ability to undermine the high level of work done by the county authorities to get River Gee County where it is today,” he said.

He disclosed that when he took over as superintendent, the Kanweanken to Fish Town road was not as accessible as it is now, which according to him was accomplished through the efforts of the county authorities.

He, however, denied the claims by the Elders Council chairman, and encouraged county residents to stop making unnecessary statements that could divide them. “We need to work together to make our beloved county a better place,” he concluded.


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