River Gee County Team Whip Gee Old-timers 4 – 1

Oldtimers boys, in yellow, against the County Team, in blue.

As part of the Armed Forces Day celebration in Fish Town, the River Gee County Team defeated the Gee Oldtimers 4–1 in a friendly soccer encounter.

The game started in high momentum for the Oldtimers when they made several attempts in the first quarter of the game to find the net without success.

In the 16th minute, the energetic County Team scored their first goal from left winger Martin Mehn.

The Oldtimers mounted pressure to find the equalizer, but were overwhelmed in the 23rd minute when striker Martin Mehn scored his second goal.

The Oldtimers redoubled their efforts to reduce the tally but couldn’t march the County Team’s effective defenses. In the 40th minute, the County Team’s Emmanuel Swenpee found the third goal.

The second half resumed with the Oldtimers fighting hard to find a consolation goal without success only to be frustrated in the 78th minute when River Gee County got the fourth goal from the most dangerous man on the field, Martin Mehn. He scored his third goal to make the score 4-0.

In the final minutes of the game, the Oldtimers got a consolation goal to end the encounter at 4-1.

River Gee County had prepared for the County Meet until it was postponed to a date yet to be announced by the Ministry of Youth & Sports.


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