River Gee Citizens Embark on Ebola Awareness Campaign


The River Gee County Development Association Council of Elders (RCDACE) is expected to embark on an Ebola awareness campaign to sensitize the people of the county about the danger of the Ebola virus disease which is killing people in Liberia.

Mr. Jackson C. Nyepan, chairman, told the Daily Observer that his association is interested in the health and safety of the people in the county for which they have decided to undertake this awareness campaign.

 Chairman Nyepan, who walked into our McDonald Street office last Wednesday,  said it is important for citizens to adhere to the preventive measures announced by health workers so as to avoid the outbreak of the Ebola disease in River Gee County.

According to him, the campaign is also intended to compliment the national Government’s effort in the Ebola fight.

The chairman of RCDACE further disclosed that the campaign will focus on the County-District based Ebola Response Taskforce to comprise certified health workers, trained teachers and informed youth who will  promote health safety and prevention by spreading health education and Ebola preventive measures from village to village and house to house in the county.

Based on that, Mr. Nyepan said the association created an account under named, River Gee Development Association Disease Prevention Account.  This account is to support and identify the health needs of the people and to train, build the capacity of health workers and provide needed equipment and tools to promote the work of county health system.

After opening the account, he said, it was also agreed that each and every citizen of River Gee in and out of the country has been called to contribute a minimum of L$100.00 per month.  This will run for six months, as an initial effort to fight the outbreak,” said Mr. Nyepan.

Chairman Nyepan is meanwhile calling on the County Legislative Caucus as well as sons and daughters especially, those in foreign countries, to see need to support this important cause  by paying into this account as well as making other contributions in kind or cash to fight and kick the deadly virus out of Liberia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nyepan said anybody wishing to make cash donation should use the Ecobank account numbers ACCT#: L$ 0100910911-81 and US$: 0200910911-32.


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