‘Rise Up, Be Competitive,’ Pres. Weah Encourages Women

President George M. Weah

President George Weah has called on Liberian women, irrespective of status, to rise up and become competitive while interacting with their colleagues in other parts of the world.

Enveloped by a crowd of ecstatic personnel and officials of the National Port Authority (NPA) on his first visit to the “Gateway of Liberia’s Economy,” on Wednesday, October 31, President Weah said “my passionate love for women and working with them has always been there, and it is very strong; and I want the women to wake up. You know that I lived with my grandmother, who was my best friend; we were very good and best friends.”

According to a release from the Executive Mansion, President Weah called on scores of jubilant NPA employees to encourage their female counterparts to rise up by preparing themselves so that they can become capable of securing their positions in leadership, “because they have a lot more to contribute to the country’s progress.”

He said working with Liberian women to achieve their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the advancement of the country remains high on his agenda.

Weah said Liberian women should leave the “backseat” and thrust themselves to the front in competition with their male counterparts in every sphere of life.

By doing so, the President said it will make the women’s presence felt in national development under the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), which aims at empowering Liberians with the tools needed to gain control of their lives through equitable provision of opportunities in education, health, youth development, and social protection.

“Women, don’t just sit there. Come out and make yourselves what you want to be in society,” the President said, leafing through his experience with his grandmother whom he considers his best friend that fueled his love and passion for women.

President Weah also used the occasion to call on port workers to keep their focus and ensure that the entity achieves its objectives as a major contributor to the country’s development.

He said that the management and employees of the port were under obligation to make maximum contributions, and to uphold values that will keep their operations on track.

“It is your responsibilities to serve the country and the world,” the President stressed further, adding, “This is the purpose for which you need to make the Free Port of Monrovia more operational and efficient to meet the growing demands of those that provide services.”

The President added: “The best thing that workers at the NPA can do to remain in line with the PAPD, is for employees to first recognize the importance of unity among them. My desire is that you make this port the best among the rest by following the examples of those who served before, and left good performance records on the books. And you can do this working together in peace and unity.”

Earlier, the leadership of NPA’s Women Association thanked President Weah for appointing more women in government.

The women then called on him to include more women in other vocations of the NPA operations. President Weah’s visit to the Free Port, fondly nicknamed “the Gateway to Liberia’s Economy,” was in fulfillment of a promise he made during the Special Cabinet Meeting held in Gbarnga, Bong County, to make unannounced visits to government ministries and agencies.

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