Riot Characterizes NAMBO’s Membership Re-launch

NAMBO’s supporters resorted to fistfights after seeking financial assistance to return to their respective homes

By David S. Menjor & Jerry Kai- Lewis

Pandemonium broke out yesterday at the close of the program marking the re-launch of the membership drive of the National Movement to Support Boakai (NAMBO) when NAMBO’s supporters resorted to fistfights after seeking financial assistance to return to their respective homes.

The riot which was also characterized by stone throwing left Deltin Dorley, a reporter for the Concord Times newspaper, with a head wound.

The situation intensified when officials of NAMBO rushed the reporter into their office instead of taking him to the nearby clinic for treatment.

The secretary general of the Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL), Willie Tokpah, said NAMBO’s refusal to allow the affected reporter to seek immediate medical attention was a complete disservice to him.

The Daily Observer reliably learnt that the incident started when an unidentified person went into the NAMBO’s office to seek the attention of leadership to afford him and his colleagues, who all came from Mount Barclay, money for transportation, for which they reportedly resorted to fighting after being denied the requested cash.

During the re-launch ceremony, VP Joseph N. Boakai who served as the chief launcher, called on members of the movement to be sincere to themselves, and their motives must not be driven by anything negative.

“When a doctor makes a mistake while attending to a patient, only that patient loses his or her life, but when we politicians blunder, the whole nation suffers,” VP Boakai said.

He said he is prepared to lead the nation as president if elected because he has worked for the public for over 40 years.

Meanwhile, VP Boakai commended the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) and many other organizations and friends for believing in him and accepting to sacrifice everything to see him elected in October.

The membership drive is targeting 250,000 voters across the country.

The Progressive Gbao Youth Development Association in Nimba County District #7, the LMA, NDC and the People’s Unification party (PUP) pledged their unflinching support to the presidential bid of Vice President Boakai.

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